3-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Serangoon Resident’s Peacock, AVS Investigating

Serangoon Resident’s Pet Peacock Attacks 3-Year-Old Girl & Father

UPDATE (2 Dec): In response to MS News queries, an AVS spokesperson said they are investigating the case and clarified they did not inform the peacock owners that they’re not at fault.

AVS had also observed that the peacock was caged in an enclosure and had informed the owners that it’s not allowed to roam outside its premises.

When it comes to having pets, owners must ensure their animals are kept within their house to prevent them from hurting anyone.

Unfortunately, a 3-year-old girl was recently attacked by a pet peacock who charged out of a house near Tavistock Park at Serangoon Gardens.

According to her mother’s Facebook post, the peacock attacked the girl while she was standing outside the gate to look at it. As a result, the girl was severely wounded and required stitches at the hospital.

The girl’s mother explained even though they were only trying to get a sincere apology, the owners got defensive.

Girl attacked by Serangoon resident’s peacock

On Sunday (28 Nov), the incident occurred after the girl’s father brought her and her brother to Haus Park Playground.

While they were walking home via Tavistock Avenue, the little girl stood outside a house to look at a pet peacock.

Her mother mentioned it was normal for kids to stand outside to look at the peacock, along with other poultry kept as pets.

However, the gate was wide open that day, allowing the peacock to charge and aggressively attack the girl.

Even though her father rushed to protect her, it was too late as she had already suffered multiple wounds.


Additionally, the girl’s father was scratched all over his arms and scraped his hands and legs. He had to get a tetanus shot to prevent getting an infection.


As the girl’s injuries were rather severe, she was immediately rushed to the hospital, and her dress was also bloodied due to her injuries.


Unfortunately, she had to be placed under general anaesthesia for the doctors to clean the wound on her face and stitch it up.


Owners blamed little girl for provoking peacock

The following day, the girl’s father went to look for the owners of the peacock.

Only the owner’s wife was in at that time, and she mentioned she knew about the incident.

She then took down the man’s number and said her husband would call him.

The girl’s parents apparently did not receive any calls despite the assurance, the father went back to the house again and found the owner.

However, the peacock owner argued it was free to roam around their compound and allegedly blamed the girl for staring and provoking his pet.

Additionally, the owners claimed both his lawyers and the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) agreed it was not their fault.

As for the medical fees, the owners said they would decide how much to compensate the girl’s family after the bill comes—if any does.

Girl’s parents waiting for AVS’ call

Since the peacock’s owner appeared hostile, the girl’s mother posted on Facebook to seek help.

She explained the attack happened outside the gate, which meant it was no longer within the owner’s compound.

The mother quoted Singapore’s Wild Animals and Birds Act that the peacock should’ve been kept within a bird-proof cage or enclosure.

She also pointed out the owner’s reluctance to hand over the CCTV as he wanted to “consult his lawyers” first.

While the girl’s parents said they were only looking for a sincere apology, reasonable compensation and proper closure, they ended up shocked by the other party’s attitude and unfair claims.

Thus, they decided to make a police report. However, they were told that it is not a criminal offence and the incident falls under the purview of AVS.

They are currently still waiting for AVS to give them a call.

Pet poultry should be kept in a bird-proof cage

In response to MS News’ queries, NParks mentioned that the public could keep not more than 10 non-commercial poultry at home as pets. Among the species allowed are peacocks.

However, such pets must be kept in a bird-proof cage, house or enclosure that consists of a fine wire mesh netting.

This is to ensure the pet does not get into contact with other animals from outside the cage, house or enclosure.

Additionally, there should be a proper roof capable of preventing droppings, waste, feathers and other particles from any bird, poultry, or animal from entering the cage, house or enclosure.

Anyone who fails to comply with the Animals and Birds (Prevention of Avian Disease in Non-Commercial Poultry) Rules can be fined up to $10,000 or be imprisoned up to 12 months, or both.

Hope both parties can settle the issue amicably

As parents, it’s understandable that they’d be concerned and wish for an apology if their daughter suffered such horrific injuries.

That said, we do not have the owner’s account or that of the authorities, and we should reserve judgment for the appropriate parties.

It’s certainly the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pets do not roam away from their compound.

But we hope the girl’s parents and the owner will be able to settle the issue amicably.

As for the little girl, we wish her a speedy recovery and hopefully, she wouldn’t be too traumatised by the incident.

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Featured image adapted from Kris Chan on Facebook

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