GrabFood Rider Parks Bike At Entrance To Sembawang Walkway, Blocks Elderly Man On PMA

GrabFood Rider Parks Bike At Sembawang Crescent

Food delivery riders have the admittedly difficult job of ensuring that customers receive their orders on time. As a result, they are often in a rush, which may show in their behaviour.

This, however, is no excuse for acting without courtesy towards others.

Such was the case recently in Sembawang Crescent when a GrabFood rider was seen parking their bike at the entrance to a walkway.

Residents were unable to head across the area, and an elderly man ended up knocking it down on his Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) scooter.

GrabFood rider blocks walkway with bike

Posting to SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) on Facebook, a netizen said the incident occurred in Sembawang Crescent on 6 Nov.

A GrabFood rider had parked his bike at the entrance to a walkway below Block 363B, making it partially inaccessible for residents.

Source: Facebook

This was certainly evident when an elderly man on a PMA scooter approached the area.

He had to pause, trying to figure out how he could navigate through the narrow space left.

Source: Facebook

The man ultimately ended up colliding with the bike on his way out, causing it to topple.

Source: Facebook

Netizens call rider out for inconsiderate behaviour

The post has become viral on Facebook, with many calling the rider out for blocking the walkway.

Parking the bike there would naturally make it difficult for other residents to navigate the space.

Source: Facebook

Having the bike fall would thus be inevitable – and prompt the rider to act better in the future.

Another netizen who was a biker himself defended the elderly man as well, stating that the rider was in the wrong for parking in such a manner.

Source: Facebook

However, other users pointed out that the bike hadn’t blocked the entire path.

Source: Facebook

The elderly man, they reasoned, could have found a way to avoid knocking it down.

Either way, this incident is a timely reminder for us to act with more courtesy towards others and park somewhere less conspicuous if possible.

It’s always better to ensure we don’t subject our fellow motorists and residents to unnecessary inconveniences – even if we are in a hurry.

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Featured image adapted from SGRV on Facebook.

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