M’sia GrabFood Rider Clears Traffic For Ambulance, Driver Thanks Him For Helping

Malaysia GrabFood Rider Clears Traffic For Ambulance Like An Experienced Police Officer

Most of the time, drivers will move their cars aside once they hear the sound of an ambulance siren.

However, one food delivery rider decided to take things one step further by helping to clear traffic himself.

Recently, a TikTok user shared footage of a GrabFood rider clearing the way for an ambulance in Malaysia.


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The clip went viral and netizens praised the rider for his actions.

GrabFood rider clears traffic for ambulance

On Saturday (30 Jul), TikToker @abam_muadz posted a video showing a GrabFood rider weaving through a traffic jam in Malaysia.

He was waving vehicles to one side so that there would be enough room for the ambulance behind him, which OP was in, to drive through.

clears traffic

Source: @abam_muadz on TikTok

Thanks to his efforts, the ambulance was able to traverse the road quickly, hopefully getting to the hospital or patient in time.

clears traffic

Source: @abam_muadz on TikTok

In his caption, OP thanked the delivery rider and wished for things to go smoothly for him.

Source: @abam_muadz on TikTok

Netizens also praised the GrabFood rider for going out of his way to help the ambulance driver.

That said, as thoughtful as his gesture was, it’s important to note that it can be very dangerous to sail through traffic at such a high speed like that.

If he wasn’t careful or was in the wrong spot at the wrong time, the rider could have ended up in a collision.

To highlight how risky this is, TikTok even added a disclaimer over the video, which reads, “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

A thoughtful gesture, but don’t try this yourself

While we applaud the GrabFood rider for taking the initiative to assist the ambulance, we hope he refrains from doing this too often as it can be quite dangerous.

For now, at least there were no unfortunate incidents and his gesture touched many hearts.

Moving forward, drivers can help by being alert and moving out of the way as soon as they hear an ambulance behind them.

Although directing traffic like this delivery rider did looked pretty cool on camera, don’t try it yourself if you’re not an experienced traffic police officer.

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Featured image adapted from @@abam_muadz on TikTok.

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