Girl In China Pranks Grandmother, Swaps Guanyin Deity Portrait With Picture Of Ultraman

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Girl Pranks Grandmother By Changing Her Guanyin Painting To One Of Ultraman

Many people around the world have habits associated with their religious beliefs.

For many, conducting these daily routines is basically going on autopilot. Because of that, they may sometimes fail to notice small changes in their surroundings.

A girl in China got into trouble recently when she swapped her grandmother’s Guanyin portrait with one of Ultraman as a prank.

Source: Weibo

The grandmother reportedly did not notice for a whole month and continued praying to the Ultraman portrait during that time.

Footage of the grandmother finally realising the switch went viral on Weibo, garnering over 7,000 likes and 600 comments at the time of writing.

Grandma discovers granddaughter swapped Guanyin portrait with Ultraman

Guanyin is a popular deity among both Buddhists and Taoists alike. Known as the Goddess of Mercy, she is said to be an incarnation of the Buddhist bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.

Her kindness and compassion have endeared her to devotees, and it seems that the grandmother is one of them.

In the video, the infuriated grandmother could be seen holding the offending Ultraman portrait and berating the girl responsible for the cheeky prank.

grandmother guanyin ultraman

Source: Weibo

She was ranting in Hokkien about how the girl’s actions made her want to “vomit blood”.

Another woman, presumably the girl’s mother, was laughing uncontrollably at the situation.

grandmother guanyin ultraman

Source: Weibo

The enraged grandma then scolded them, saying “I am going to be angered to death by you all!”

However, the pair could only continue chuckling as the elderly woman stood there indignantly.

grandmother guanyin ultraman

Source: Weibo

Grandmother prayed to Ultraman for a month before realising

The caption stated that the grandmother had unknowingly been praying to the Ultraman portrait for a month, not realising that her Guanyin portrait had been replaced.

However, in the last frame of the video, it seems like the grandma also couldn’t help but crack a tiny smile at her granddaughter’s shenanigans.

grandmother guanyin ultraman

Source: Weibo

Netizens have mixed feelings about prank

Weibo users who came across the hilarious video seem to have mixed feelings about the prank.

One user said that the girl was being disrespectful to her elders with her actions.

Source: Weibo

However, another pointed out that the grandmother herself could not stifle a growing smile at the end.

Source: Weibo

Others, like this user, believed that it does not matter as long as the grandma had Guanyin in her heart, even as she was praying to the Ultraman portrait.

Source: Weibo

What are your thoughts on the girl’s prank? Let us know in the comments below.

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