S’pore Grandson Takes Grandparents Shopping For Shoes, Snaps Pictures To Remember Their Day Out

Singapore Grandson Hangs Out With Grandparents & Buys Them Gifts

As we grow up and become busier, it can be difficult to make time for our loved ones, such as our grandparents. However, this grandson showed us that it is still important to spend time with them while we still can.

In a TikTok video posted by a man in Singapore named Walter, he captured the memories from a day out with his grandparents.

He treated them to lunch, and also brought them out to buy new shoes.


New core memory with my dearest grandparents. You may call them yours too. ♥️ #grandparents #grandparentsphotos #shopping #fyp

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Walter hopes that his interactions with his grandparents will inspire others to spend more time with their own grandparents as well.

Grandparents’ shoes were worn out

After bringing them out for a delicious steamboat lunch, Walter took his grandparents shoe shopping.

He first brought his grandfather to Sperry’s, as he felt that his grandfather would look dashing in boat shoes.

Source: @waltzytan on TikTok

While buying the shoes, Walter noted that his grandfather’s old pair of shoes was giving way.

Walter shared with MS News that his grandfather had worn his old shoes for several years.

As such, he was particularly happy about getting new shoes.

Although his grandfather did not want his grandson to buy the shoes for him as he found them expensive, Walter still paid for the shoes as he knew it would cheer his grandfather up.

As for his grandmother, he brought her to Skechers to buy a comfortable pair of shoes.

Walter and his grandfather picked out a pair of shoes that were light and easy for his grandmother to wear without bending.

Source: @waltzytan on TikTok

She loved her new pair of shoes. Walter and the staff even asked her to strike a few poses with her new shoes.

She laughed in delight, happy to receive a gift from her grandson.

Source: @waltzytan on TikTok

Took polaroid pictures together

After a long day of shopping, Walter also bought coffee for his grandparents.

While resting at the café, Walter taught his grandfather how to use his polaroid camera.

Source: @waltzytan on TikTok

Together, they snapped several adorable pictures together to capture the fun memories from their day out.

Source: @waltzytan on TikTok

Grandson wanted to express his gratitude to his grandparents for taking care of him

Speaking to MS News, Walter shared that his grandparents raised him from when he was only a year old, all the way until he turned 21.

As such, he wished to express his gratitude towards them by taking them out.

Walter has actually been meaning to bring his grandparents overseas.

In fact, his grandmother’s dream destination is Vietnam.

However, his grandparents said they did not want to go overseas as they are no longer fit enough to walk long distances.

Though disappointed that he could not bring them on a holiday overseas, he still hoped to create memorable experiences with them in Singapore.

Walter also shared that his grandparents were very touched by his gifts.

His grandmother even told him, “Thank you for your love!” after he bought her new shoes.

Source: @waltzytan on TikTok

His grandfather, who is usually less expressive, also told him during lunch, “I am so happy that you are bringing us out for lunch and shopping. My grandson is so good. I am really happy.”

Hopes to inspire others to share more loving gestures towards their grandparents

Walter shared that he understands that as we grow older, our commitments become heavier as well.

However, he still makes it a point to call his grandparents once in a while and check in on them.

He notes that it can be difficult for grandparents to go outside as it might be draining for them.

But if their grandchildren initiate such meet-ups with them, they will be motivated to go out and spend time with their grandkids.

He also highlighted that one does not have to plan fancy activities with their grandparents.

Something as simple as bringing them to eat their favourite food will definitely brighten up their day.

Walter’s interactions with his grandparents are truly heartwarming.

Hopefully, his video will inspire others to spend more time with their grandparents as well.

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Featured image adapted from @waltzytan on TikTok.

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