Great World Food Junction Looks Like A Bustling MRT Platform With Alfresco Rooftop Dining

Great World Food Junction Has Alfresco Dining Area With Panoramic Views Of River Valley

When we think of alfresco rooftops to wine and dine at, fancy places with a hefty price tag often come to mind.

But you need not break the bank to have a nice chill night out with friends. Consider checking out the newly revamped Great World Food Junction.

great world food junction

The food court has an alfresco rooftop complete with cabanas and fairy lights.

It also looks like a bustling MRT platform, paying homage to the historic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Great World Amusement Park, the site on which it now sits.

Plus, with 10 stalls and 6 mini restaurants, let’s take a peek into the gastronomic realm of Great World City.

Great World Food Junction pays homage to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

As you step into Great World Food Junction, you’ll be greeted by an impressive 22m-long LED digital ceiling. Look down, and you’ll realise there’s even a railway track installation.

In the background, faint sounds of a train moving along the tracks can be heard.

Keep an ear out for the loud ‘choo choo‘ sounds of the train. That’s when the LED ceiling will illuminate with vibrant images of Singapore’s skyline.

The immersive experience is a nostalgic celebration of Singapore’s past iconic landmarks, including the old Great World Amusement Park, where the food court is now located.

Those who remember the old attraction site will be reminded of its Ghost Train Ride.

The train theme also captures elements of the historic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Besides the installation, the train theme is incorporated in all parts of the food court, including the stall fronts, where each stall has its own ‘carriage’ number.

Dining there, you’ll even be returning your trays at a ‘train carriage’.

Food court has 10 stalls & 6 mini restaurants

Not only did Food Junction get a brand new facelift, but it’s also got a whole lot more to offer diners.

It now houses 10 stalls and 6 mini restaurants, serving up a mix of local and international cuisines.

If you’re craving a comforting soupy dish during rainy days in February, you’ll find what you want at Queen of Wok.

Their fish head mini hotpot will do just the trick. Or, if you’re craving some healthy, authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Viet Taste has you covered.

Many of us would know of the famous Michelin Star PUTIEN restaurant chain. For a more affordable but equally delicious Heng Hwa cuisine alternative, try out Putian Heng Hwa Cuisine.

The lor mee and red rice wine claypot chicken are must-try items on the menu.

Chongqing grilled fish has been a popular dish in recent years. Now, at Great World Food Junction, you’ll be able to get it at What The Fish.

Their grilled fish is reasonably priced and highly raved about — perfect for solo dining sessions or a budget date with bae.

Fusion international cuisines & alcohol drinks

Fancy a burger but also craving Korean food after bingeing the latest K-drama? Food Junction also features some modern fusion international cuisines like Hungry Korean.

At this mini restaurant, you’ll be able to find mouth-watering gourmet bulgogi burgers and traditional stews.

You’ll even be able to pair them with some soju or makgeolli.

But if those are not your alcoholic drink of choice, you don’t have to look far. Just next to it is Der Biergarten, which serves up German beers and whiskey.

great world food junction

You can even order a beer tower if you’re up for a drinking session with friends, something we don’t typically get to see at food courts.

Alfresco rooftop dining area

Speaking of rare experiences, the Great World Food Junction is the first food court in Singapore with an alfresco rooftop dining area.

great world food junction

It boasts panoramic views of the River Valley area, perfect for those who enjoy dining outdoors.

Although it may get warm in the day, some cabanas provide some shade.

great world food junction

Conveniently, you can also grab a refreshing cold drink or dessert at Ke, a 3-in-1 stall that sells specialty quenchers, juice blends, and desserts.

Not only can you get traditional kopi or teh from there, they even have kopi slushies. Fans of coconut shakes will also be glad to know Ke has their very own rendition of the drink, Coco Cloud.

great world food junction

The alfresco dining area is perfect for a chill night out with friends over some drinks in the evening.

Fairy lights strung above the cabanas set the tone for a great night out.

A food court that offers a different dining experience

Nothing quite embodies Singapore’s diverse food culture like our hawker centres and food courts.

Amid changing times and fierce competition, we’re glad to see food court operators upgrading and reinventing themselves to give Singaporeans a unique dining experience.

If this is the future of food courts, we’re definitely all aboard.

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Featured image from MS News.

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