HDB Bomb Shelter Door Stickers Help Hide The Unsightly Door

There’s no doubt that bomb shelter doors in our HDB apartments stick out like sore thumbs.

But we’ve recently learned that you can turn a potential design abomination into an aesthetic asset with a bit of customisation.

LA31 – a local business – offers creative sticker designs that you can use to give your doors a fresh new look. Here are 10 of our absolute favourites.

1. Ancient Rome

History buffs will be happy to own this intricate door sticker inspired by Ancient Rome. Once guests touch the handle, we bet that they’ll expect to see gladiator-style matches and ancient architecture.

Too bad, they’ll just see a ventilation-deficient, cramped room.


On the bright side, at least your bomb shelter door is a lot less of an eyesore.

2. Street Graffiti

LA31’s graffiti doors are painted with bold, bright and vibrant doodles. The design has so many elements that just capture the essence of street art in Brooklyn.


From fictional monsters to neon letterings, and yes, a couple of rock stars.

3. Minions Telephone Booo!

Still obsessed with small and tiny minions? If you can’t get enough of them, this phone booth design will put a big smile on your face.


Of course, nothing beats the image of soft and huggable creatures rushing to meet you.

Just don’t turn the door knob because you’ll be disappointed.

4. DBZ Super Saiyan Son Goku

Want to stay safe during wartime emergencies? Son Goku’s Kamehame Wave will charge up and blast away all intruders.


If you want to relive your childhood, there’s no time like the present. The famous franchise is making a movie comeback on 2019, so if you want to get on the hype train here’s the door for you.

5. Pac-Man

Step right into the retro 8-bit gaming world that Wreck-It-Ralph belongs in with this door sticker inspired by Pac-Man.


Now, how much must we top up to buy a version where Pac-Man actually moves around?

6. Inception

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending masterpiece will be blown away by the sheer detail on this dizzying kaleidoscopic design.


We especially love the teensy doors on the buildings in this door sticker. Talk about door-ception.

7. Gun Room

If you want to scare your visitors and alert the cops, then check this out. The scores of snipers and bullet packets, will turn heads.


And those who want to feel like they’re in a James Bond movie, will be pleased to know that there’s a vintage black Samsonite briefcase near the top.

8. Protected Area

Want your bomb shelter door to be very noticeable? You can ensure everyone knows where to go during times of emergencies with this red door that’s bound to stand out.


Though it’s probably not an ideal place for your kids to play hide-and-seek.

9. Night Cityscape

Calling those who love viewing cityscapes at night!

There’s nothing like the image of tall glass buildings, bustling traffic and an array of lights — viewed from 30,000 feet.


While you’re too poor to book your own helicopter, you can stick to daydreaming with this  design and continue waiting for flying taxis to take to Singapore’s skies.

10. Infinity

For those prize simplicity and symmetry, you can opt for this infinity design.


The brilliant blue ripples seem to resemble surface of a pool from a drop of water.

Step into whole new worlds

If you’re keen on giving your bomb shelter doors a much-needed makeover, head over to their website or check out their Carousell page. LA31 has over 250 mural art, door designs and stickers to spice up the interior of your homes.

Prices range from $95 to $105.

Now go forth and transform your bomb shelter doors into portals to whole other dimensions.

After all, there’s no better way to initiate a conversation with awkward dinner guests than, “Do you know what’s behind that door?”

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Featured image from LA31.