Man Critically Injured In Eunos Hit & Run Accident, Wife Appeals For Witnesses

Wife Appeals For Witnesses In Eunos Hit & Run Accident

When accidents happen on the road, those involved should always stop and check, especially when someone has gotten injured.

A lady is appealing for witnesses to a hit-and-run accident in Eunos involving her husband, leaving him unconscious.


The accident occurred on Saturday (27 Nov) in the early morning at Lorong 106 Changi Road.

Upon seeing the accident, a passer-by took the lady’s husband’s phone to snap a couple of pictures of the site.

However, he left without identifying himself. Thus, the lady hopes that the passer-by or any other witnesses can contact her.

Man critically injured after Eunos hit & run accident

According to the lady on Facebook, the accident happened in the wee hours of Saturday (27 Nov), at around 5am.

Her husband was driving home on his motorcycle when he was hit by a vehicle at Lorong 106 Changi Road.

The unknown vehicle, however, fled the scene, leaving the lady’s husband alone and injured on the road.

Upon queries from MS News, the lady mentioned she only knew about the accident after a doctor at Changi General Hospital picked up her husband’s phone when she called it at 8am.

Unknown passer-by takes picture of hit & run accident in Eunos

A passer-by then took several pictures using the victim’s phone of the accident.

In the pictures, SCDF paramedics could be seen tending to the victim.


The passer-by also took a picture of the motorcycle that was lying by the roadside. The victim’s shoes and pouch were lined-up neatly on the pathway.


However, after snapping photos of the scene, the passer-by left without identifying themselves.

The lady told MS News that her husband’s spine and both hands have been fractured. His left eye also cannot be opened due to swelling.

Thus, due to her husband’s serious injuries, the lady is appealing for witnesses.

She hopes the passer-by who took the photos, or anyone else who witnessed the accident can contact her to give more details.

Hope the lady can find witnesses soon

If you managed to witness the incident or have any details about it, do contact the lady through the number she stated on her Facebook post.

Hopefully, anyone with crucial information about the accident will reach out to the lady soon.

MS News wishes the man have a speedy recovery.

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Featured image adapted from Irman Izz Iman on Facebook

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