Sign Language ‘Home’ Cover Is A Tribute To Our Frontline Healthcare Workers

On Saturday (25 Apr), Singaporeans across the island sang ‘Home’ in unison, displaying our solidarity during this ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Many, however, did not notice that a group of people may have felt a little left out from the experience.

In this video by the Singapore Association For The Deaf (SADeaf), a few individuals came together to produce their own unique rendition of this iconic song — signed completely in sign language.

This heartwarming cover is a show of appreciation for frontline and essential workers, who are still toiling hard out there.

It also shows how we can be more inclusive as a nation from here on, showing true unity in rough times.

First ‘Home’ cover in sign language

In a Facebook post by SADeaf, they explain that many Singaporeans are familiar with this anthem but are unaware of how it ‘looks’ like.


Therefore, they gathered a few like-minded individuals to show us ‘Home’ in a language that is close to their hearts.

The montage features people from different walks of life, who filmed personal covers from their homes.


A meaningful & inclusive tribute

We think the short clip was a beautiful way to express our appreciation for our healthcare heroes and essential workers who are fighting the Covid-19 battle for us.


Well, most of us do not know sign language, but netizens agree that despite our lack of knowledge, this video still gives off the positive vibes we need right now.


The incredible cover showcases an authentic Singapore spirit, one that is inclusive and accepting even in unpredictable times.

Just like the Singapore Navy’s cover of the iconic song, we hope that it brings solace to those on the frontlines.

S’pore Navy Sailors Sing ‘Home’ From Ship They’ll Be Staying On For Coming Weeks

One united nation with a common goal

If we can all remember that we’re working towards a common goal regardless of our diverse backgrounds, the nation’s show of support will become all the more moving.


This uplifting cover certainly sends us a message to be more inclusive if we really want to show our unity. It also serves a firm reminder that we are in this together, no matter who we are and where we are.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.