S’pore Police Force Covers ‘Home’ & We Can’t Thank Our Frontline Officers Enough

The Singapore Police Force has been deeply involved in maintaining law and order during the crucial circuit breaker period. As our officers on the frontline, they’ve placed themselves in risky situations to help keep us safe.

On Sunday (26 Apr), 80 Home Team members & their families uploaded a combined cover of ‘Home’ by Dick Lee in a moving tribute to everyone who’s contributed to keeping the nation safe in these trying times.

You may watch their full video here on their page. Get your tissues ready as it’s an emotional ride for sure. We summarise the highlights below.

Singing Home on the frontlines as one voice

The video begins with a clip of 3 young men playing the piano, violin and flute as the overture crescendos.


What follows is a series of home videos that appear to be taken by police officers & their families within their abodes.


Some sang along to the lyrics soulfully with their cats & doggos in tow.


Others brought their adorable children into the frames to sing the lyrics proudly. We even spotted a talented dancer in the making.

Police officers join the singing while on duty

As the familiar strains of the chorus began, the clips began showing police officers waving their phones’ flashlights along to the music.


Many remained stationed at their posts in the heartlands, workers’ dormitories, and even in front of the familiar Marina Bay Sands skyline.


Finally, footage of the original singalong’s heartland cheers closed out the moving tribute.


We’re left with a montage of all our police officers waving goodbye to the camera, clad in their uniforms as they continue to serve the nation.

Takes all of us to protect our Home

The video was uploaded at around 9pm on Sunday, and instantly became a viral hit — garnering hundreds of Facebook shares within half an hour.

We were also left with a touching message from Singapore Police Force which read,

Last night, the nation sang Home in one voice.

Singapore is our Home. It takes all of us to fight against COVID-19, and protect our Home.

Here is our tribute, from more than 80 officers and their family members, to all frontliners, those working in essential services and the migrant worker community, as well as each and every one of you who is doing your part by #StayingHome.

We are committed to #StayAtWork to keep Singapore safe and secure. Together, we can overcome this!

As expected, netizens shared how moved they were by the song in the comments. Many were also resounding in their praise and offering of thanks to the officers & their families for their service.

We can overcome this together

Remembering the contributions of our frontline & essential service workers is a great way to count our blessings amid these trying times.


With enough patience, we’re sure that Singapore will indeed get through this as one nation. To all our frontline healthcare & essential service workers, law enforcement officials & staff members, thank you for your service.

Singapore is home truly, because you keep us safe.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Police Force on Facebook.