Sheng Siong Takes House Brand Basmati Rice Off Store Shelves

Finding unwelcomed animals in your food is a horrifying experience, but cockroaches or even centipedes can’t compare to what this man found.

A man who bought a sack of House Brand basmati rice from a Sheng Siong supermarket had the shock of his life when he discovered a dead rat inside.

Dead rat in rice packet

Having a protein with rice is a must whenever you have nasi padang or cai png. But a dead rat on top of uncooked rice isn’t what anyone would imagine.

Unfortunately, that was exactly what a customer got when he opened the sack of rice he had just bought.


The rat appeared to have only recently died, seeing from the blood stains on its body, some parts of the rice and the inside of the packaging.

The rat carcass apparently reeked so strongly that the stench wafted through the customer’s whole house.

Manager removes House Brand basmati rice from store

The customer claimed that he purchased the House Brand basmati rice from a Sheng Siong supermarket at Blk 739, Bedok Reservoir Road.


Upon finding the rat, he contacted the store manager who apologised and promised to remove all House Brand basmati rice from the outlet.

The customer has also filed a report with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and is awaiting their response.

Customers to be cautious

Kudos to the Bedok Reservoir store manager for reacting so swiftly to the incident.


However, the customer hopes that Sheng Siong will remove House Brand basmati rice across all outlets for safety purposes.

In the meantime, he advises others against buying House Brand basmati rice until AVA has confirmed that the products are safe for consumption.

If you’ve already bought the product and found nothing suspicious, just remember to practise good food safety by washing and soaking the rice grains before cooking them.

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