Japan Chansey Playground Has Lickitung Slides & Wingull Swings For Lucky Kids To Play With

Pokémon Company Opens Japan Chansey Playground On 12 Dec

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Singaporeans can’t travel to Japan yet. However, the Pokémon Company has launched several initiatives that will make your eventual trip a lot more interesting.

On 12 Dec, the Pokémon Company launched a Chansey playground at Namie Town in Fukushima, Japan. Much to the delight of fans, you can find Lickitung slides and Wingull swings to pass the time with.

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Healing your weary soul can be fun too, when Chansey is by your side.

Japan opens Chansey playground

Japan is famous for supporting initiatives that boost tourism and support local communities. A recent example is this new Chansey Playground in Namie Town.

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In Japanese, Chansey’s name is Rakkii (ラッキー ) which means “lucky”. And this description seems to fit the young kids who have got the chance to play with the healing Pokémon in their own backyard.

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Fledging Pokémon trainers have probably been lured by this chonky yet elusive pink Pokémon on many occasions.

So, its giant version, standing at 6-metre tall, will have you counting you licking your lips at the chance to finally capture the rare Pokémon.

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However, the Chansey facade is only a front for a playground structure. A behind-the-scenes look reveals long pipe-like slides and a multi-level play area where kids can meet new friends.

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Canonically, Chansey is known for its healing capabilities. That could perhaps explain these hollowed-out Chansey egg seats, a perfect place for weary kids to recover before resuming play.


If that isn’t the purpose of these seats, maybe it can even bring some good fortune for playful kiddos if you rub on them.

Lickitung slide & Wingull swing

Long-time fans can also spot other familiar Pokémon like Happiny, Igglybuff, and Lickitung.

Parents eager to start ’em young can introduce their toddlers to other babies in the form of baby Pokémon like Cleffa and Igglybuff. Their cute charm will make children want to catch ’em all.


Over at the Happiny sandbox, kids can use their imagination and develop their motor skills by building small sand structures under the loving gaze of Happiny.


Kids seeking a thrill can opt for a ride down the Lickitung slides for a thrilling time sliding on the Pokémon’s infamously long tongue.


If your kids want a bit of excitement, they can also “take flight” through these Wingull swings.


Older fans may not be able to enjoy most of the playground structures. The good news is, you can rest on a Pikachu bench while watching your kids or nephews.


More Chansey playgrounds to come

Chansey playground will also open in several locations in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture. These include Koriyama City, Yanaizu Town, and Showa Village, which will launch in Spring 2022.

Next time you visit Fukushima, stop by a Chansey playground to heal your ageing soul. Young or old, you can always play with Pokémon.

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Featured image adapted from Nintendo Soup

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