Punches & Kicks Exchanged Because Of A&W Seats, 2 Men Arrested

When A&W announced its return to Singapore’s shores, its diehard fans were over the moon. It has been almost 8 months since, and there’s even a new outlet at Ang Mo Kio Hub. However, it seems like the craze has not died down as customers were recently caught on video fighting over seats.


Violent fight outside Changi Jewel A&W outlet

The video shows the fight as it unfolds outside the A&W Outlet at Changi Jewel, with one man repeatedly punching a man carrying a blue backpack.


People can be heard shouting “stop!” as they tried to restrain or push away those involved in the fight.

2 men arrested over the fight

The police have since arrested 2 men over this incident. The 43-year-old and 55-year-old men were arrested for affray, the police told The Straits Times.

The police added that both men had minor injuries. Police investigations are ongoing.

According to a tweet, the fight started because of some seats.


According to ST, a spokesperson for Jewel did not have further details on the fight.

Please resolve all disagreements with words, not fists

No matter the reason, fighting is not the way to resolve any disputes.

We hope that any and all injured parties will have a speedy recovery and that justice will be served.

And tolong lah, you can wait 5 more minutes to get a nice seat, it’s not that hard.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.