Jianhao Tan Apologises For ‘Smash Or Pass’ Video, Admits It Was Done In Poor Taste

Jianhao Tan Reacts To ‘Smash Or Pass’ Video Resurfacing In Light Of Dee Kosh Saga

As the Dee Kosh saga continues to brew, some netizens have also taken the opportunity to share questionable videos that the 32-year-old had previously starred in.

S’pore DJ Dee Kosh On Leave As Lawyers Withdraw From Alleged Sexual Harassment Case

One such video which resurfaced was titled ‘Smash or Pass’.


In the video, Dee Kosh, Ryan and Sylvia from Night Owl Cinematics, as well as Jianhao Tan, shared their thoughts on which local influencer and celebrity they would love to ‘smash’ — aka get hot & steamy with.

Singaporean social media personality and entrepreneur Jianhao Tan recently took to Instagram to apologise for the video, conceding that it was “done in poor taste”.


Jianhao Tan said he could “clearly see” where he had gone wrong

In his Insta-story, Jianhao conceded that he was “ignorant” when he posted the video years ago. He claims that he only came up with the video after being inspired by fellow YouTubers overseas.


He admits that the video was done in “poor taste” and decided to take down the video shortly after.

Though he has apparently responded to the criticisms years ago, he claims that he could now “clearly see” where he had gone wrong.


In light of that, he apologises to everyone who they had ‘critiqued’ in the video.

Ending his post, Jianhao vows that he will strive to keep his future content up to modern standards, and will continue to “learn and grow”.

‘Smash or Pass’ began resurfacing on forums

Though the Smash or Pass video isn’t available on YouTube anymore, netizens have recently re-uploaded it on another streaming site.


In the video, the 4 individuals shared their decision whether to “smash” celebrities and influencers in Singapore. Some of these include Nicole Choo, Jade Rasif, and even Xiaxue.


Jianhao apparently received flak shortly after the video was uploaded, and the video was taken down.

His immediate follow-up post, however, apparently contains no admission of wrongdoing. Instead, Jianhao said he removed the video as he wished to “respect the opinions” of those who had been “angered by it“.

Apology has been issued

Putting aside the questionable nature of the video and follow-up post, we applaud Jianhao for stepping up and apologising for his actions, even though the incident was dated 3 years ago.

We hope Jianhao, as well as fellow content creators, will learn from this experience and be more sensitive towards others in the future.

What are your thoughts on this latest development to the whole saga? Share it in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Streamable.

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