Depositing $40,000 to post bail for Jover Chew is quite a big deal

Surely you know the Singapore Internet’s most loved icon, Jover Chew, was arrested yesterday (28 May).

Jover shot to Internet fame last year when a video of a Vietnamese customer begging for his money went viral. He’s also the guy that refunded $1,010 to a woman in coins.

He also got served 26 charges this afternoon: 25 counts of cheating and 1 count of criminal intimidation.

After all that, Jover’s mum still seems to think he deserves bail.

Honestly speaking, $40,000 is quite a lot to part with for an auntie who makes a living from operating a hawker stall.

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Here are the charges Jover and co are facing

Jover was charged for cheating a total of $14, 449 from his customers, and for threatening to suspend a customer’s work permit.

The rest of the Mobile Air clan were also charged, yesterday (28 May).

Koh Guan Seng, for cheating customers of $9,789.

Kam Kok Keong, for cheating customers of $3,710.

Edmund Lim Hong Ching, for cheating customers of $1,600.

Finally, Kelvin Lim Zhi Wei, for cheating customers of $330.

Want to know what Jover and gang have in common?

They’ve just given you solid 4 digits you can use at Singapore Pools. #TimeToBuy4D

Sentence: still unknown

For his douchey actions, Jover could spend up to 12 years behind bars and/or pay a fine.

That’s a really long time. Long enough for him to reflect on getting a hawker to fork out $40,000 for temporary freedom.

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Featured image via The New Paper
With references from The Straits Times