Jurong Point Sets Up Check Points At Entry To Regulate Number Of Customers

In order to curb the spread of the escalating Covid-19 outbreak, the Singapore government is enforcing more stringent measures in public spaces.

On Friday (27 Mar), Jurong Point announced measures to limit the number of visitors in the mall at various entry and exit points.


Mall-goers are advised to practice social distancing while shopping and are not allowed to enter in groups of more than 10.

Queues to get into Jurong Point

For starters, visitors will need to queue to enter Jurong Point at specific entrances, be it from Boon Lay MRT or the bus interchange.


To facilitate this, the mall has set up barricades and signages to guide customers through these new measures.

According to this notice put up by the mall, the move is aimed at limiting the number of visitors at the mall.

Picture courtesy of an MS News reader

The mall was diligently counting and recording the number of people entering and exiting, as shared by an MS News reader who visited the mall earlier this morning.

Picture courtesy of an MS News reader

Social distancing while queuing up

Apart from regulating human traffic, Jurong Point also urged mall-goers to practice social distancing.

Markings were placed on the ground to encourage queueing visitors to keep a 1-metre distance from one another, in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

Picture courtesy of an MS News reader

The mall is also discouraging their visitors to conjugate in groups of 10 and above.

Jurong Point operators hope to protect customers from the virus by minimising contact between them in the shopping centre.

Singapore taking measures more seriously

Like Jurong Point, many other public spaces are also integrating these new measures in their facilities.

Precautionary measures put in place by Junction 8 

On Friday (27 Mar), the government warned that Singaporeans can be jailed or fined for flouting social distancing rules.

As the Covid-19 situation worsens, Singaporeans’ adherence to these guidelines is pivotal to contain the virus.

Therefore, do your part and exercise personal responsibility in public spaces. Together, we can overcome this challenging viral outbreak.

Featured image adapted from Facebook