Pink KFC Burger In Vietnam Has Buns Made Of Unsold Dragon Fruit From Covid-19 Slow Sales

Covid-19 has definitely taken its toll on many country’s economies, and the excess dragon fruit Vietnam struggled to sell was a clear sign of that.

However, there is a silver, or perhaps pink lining to this.

Pink baked goods have since made a big splash debut in the country, infiltrating even our Colonel Sanders’ famous recipe.


Yes, that’s right — what you’re looking at is a burger from KFC in Vietnam. It looks a lot like our Zinger, except the buns are in an oddly pink shade.

The baked good that started it all

Interestingly enough, KFC wasn’t the first company to kick start this dragon fruit craze. ABC Bakery, a bakery chain based in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, was first to introduce this hype.

This came amidst the Covid-19 outbreak that resulted in a drop in trade with China, hence, the excess dragon fruit.


They began infusing their bread with the bold coloured fruit, creating a fluffy pink bread that became an instant hit in the country.


Founder of the bakery, Kao Sieu Luc, encouraged other businesses to utilise this fruit as well, posting their recipes so that more people could try it out.


This bread is also a fantastic bargain, with fives loaves going for 30,000 Vietnamese dong, equivalent to S$1.80.

This probably explains the snaking lines of mask-clad customers, looking to get a taste of the latest fad.


Hopping on the delectable bandwagon

Since then, many more bakeries have also given this fruit a shot. The end result? A range of dreamy pink baked goods – from cakes to buns and even KFC’s newest addition to the burger family.

We are salivating just at the thought of the sweet and sour taste of the dragon fruit melded together with the crispy tender chicken.

Available only for a limited time at KFC in Vietnam

The chicken chain has announced that it will begin serving the new burger on 20 Mar 2020 for a limited time period, according to Business Insider.

In other good news, the price of dragon fruit has risen closer to its normal rate, coming with the easing up of trade restrictions with China.

However, the Vietnamese’s newfound craving for mouth-watering pink, dragon fruit infused goods doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Featured image adapted from Business Insider and Clean Plates.