KFC Singapore Has 1-For-1 Popcorn Chicken For DBS/POSB Cardmembers Till 17 Nov

Snuggling up with your SO for movie night is incomplete without some light bites. Since potato chips have probably become your staple WFH treat, you’d need to spice things up for the date.

That’s where KFC’s popcorn chicken comes in handy, giving you a crunchy and savoury snack option.


Since it’s basically a bucket of popcorn in chicken form, you won’t go hungry, even throughout the length of a 2-hour flick.

KFC popcorn chicken to last you through a whole movie

Though our minds may associate movies with the buttery smell of popcorn and humongous soft drink cups, watching them at home is a different affair.

No need to limit yourself to cinema-appropriate food, when you can have a box of KFC’s popcorn chicken in hand.


Since movie nights involve only you and bae, feel free to enjoy the delicious, greasy goodness without having to scavenge for wet tissues in the dark.

Pick a smol piece each and do a celebratory toast to mark the end of a hectic week at work, before you wash it down with a soft drink or wine.


Just don’t get too carried away in the romantic moment that you start caressing bae with your greasy hands — make sure to wash them first.

Get individual servings for you & bae

If bae knows your appetite well, he’ll be aware that you can easily finish an entire box of popcorn chicken on your own.

The best solution is to get a box each, so you won’t have to keep passing one between the two of you throughout the movie.


A box of a la carte popcorn chicken would usually set you back $4.60, but you can get 2 boxes for that same price if you’re a DBS/POSB cardmember.

1-for-1 popcorn chicken for DBS/POSB cardmembers

From now till 17 Nov, you can buy a box of popcorn chicken and get another one free, when you pay using DBS/POSB cards or PayLah! at KFC.

Image courtesy of KFC

The promo is valid for dine-in, takeaway and delivery, so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your humble abode. Note that it’s not available at KFC Jewel and Singapore Zoo.

Only the first 16,000 customers can redeem the special deal, so hurry, because we all know that a lot of Singaporeans use DBS/POSB. You can click here for more details.

Switch up your snacks to make movie nights special

If you’re planning a cosy night in with bae, having a slightly fancier snack will help make the date a more delectable experience.

Cuddling while watching movies, and munching on some warm and crispy popcorn chicken sounds like the perfect way to end the week.

We all need a lovely R&R with our SOs, and there couldn’t be a simpler yet enjoyable way to spend it.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with DBS.

Featured image courtesy of KFC & adapted from Facebook.