Gardens By The Bay Has A Kingfisher Paradise Filled With Native Mangroves & Water Cascades

Kingfisher Wetlands At Gardens By The Bay Now Open

Exploring green spaces in our island city has been a popular pastime due to ongoing travel restrictions. If you’re eager for new adventures in 2022, we’ve found an excellent place to start.

On Wednesday (29 Dec), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced the opening of the Kingfisher Wetlands in Gardens by the Bay.

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Much like the rest of our Garden City, the destination seamlessly combines urban landscapes with the beauty of nature.

Kingfisher Wetlands has 200 newly planted mangroves

In a Facebook post, URA shared that the wetlands and the rest of Gardens by the Bay sit on around 100 hectares of reclaimed land.

Sure, you’ve seen your fair share of local parks. However, staring at this grand view of 200 newly-planted mangroves will surely make for an exciting weekend adventure.

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The stark contrast between the lush green plants and the expansive blue skies make it the perfect setting for a tranquil afternoon.

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Staying cooped up at home isn’t ideal for starting the New Year. Take strolls with your kid or nephew to enjoy the present moment because they grow up so fast.


Charming boardwalk overlooking water cascades

A charming boardwalk offers a majestic overview of the water cascades and streams. We can’t wait to see it ourselves and take a photo for the ‘gram too.


The picturesque cascades were created to form microhabitats for biodiversity to thrive.


According to URA, Gardens by the Bay is home to over 130 species of birds and more than a million plants. So hang out below the boardwalk to spot local wildlife and watch them up close with the kids.


A new nook for tranquil afternoons

Kingfisher Wetlands proves that there will always be new destinations to explore our little red dot.

If you’re making plans for the upcoming year, you should add this destination to your list too. Being close to nature is a simple luxury that makes life worth living.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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