KNS Restaurant In Jurong Will Reopen On 28 Dec After 2-Week Suspension

Those staying in the far West of Singapore might be familiar with KNS Restaurant — an Indian-Muslim eatery located at a Jurong multi-storey carpark.


If you’re planning to lepak with friends there soon, you might want to reconsider, as the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has suspended the restaurant’s operations for 2 weeks.

This is following the discovery of cockroach infestations and the eatery’s failure to register one of its staff.

KNS Restaurant will reopen on 28 Dec, in time for Phase 3.

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KNS Restaurant suspended from 14 Dec

First announced back in June, SFA said the restaurant had accumulated 18 demerit points within the span of just 1 year.


For the unacquainted, the eatery is located at Block 990 along Jurong West Street 93.

The demerit points were reportedly amassed from 3 separate offences, 2 of which involved the eatery’s failure to prevent cockroach infestations in its premises.

The offences carry 6 demerit points each, in accordance to the following breakdown:

  • 2 counts of failure to keep premises free of cockroach infestation — total 12 demerit points
  • 1 count of failure to register a staff — 6 demerit points

Any establishment found to have accumulated 12 or more demerit points within a 12-month period may have their license suspended for 2-4 weeks, or even revoked.

KNS’ record of 18 points within the 12-month period clearly exceeds the stipulated threshold.

Jurong West eatery also fined for offences

In addition to the 2-week suspension, KNS Restaurant was fined $1,200 for the above offences.


Their staff would also have to undergo and pass the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications’ (WSQ) Food & Beverage Hygiene Audit.

SFA reminds F&B operators that they treat these offences seriously and will not hesitate to take action against violators.

Hope KNS Restaurant learns from this incident

While the restaurant’s suspension might come as bad news for residents of Jurong West, this might be a necessary form of deterrence to warn fellow F&B operators.

We hope that the KNS Restaurant staff will learn from this incident and make improvements to their work processes to avoid committing similar offences again.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps