You Can Use Cotton Buds To Press HDB Lift Buttons, Stay Clean Without Risking Elbows Or Keys

Avoid Pressing Lift Buttons With Boxes Of Cotton Buds Provided By Volunteer Community Patrol

With the number of Covid-19 cases rapidly increasing in Singapore yet again, as well as the commotion over the lockdown of Malaysia and the causeway, it’s only natural that Singaporeans start to get anxious over the Covid-19 situation again.

Luckily, many good Samaritans in society are doing what they can to ease peoples’ worries. Hand sanitiser giveaways, care packages and free masks are just some of the initiatives that various volunteer groups have been carrying out to make the situation a little better.

Yesterday (18 Mar), Volunteer Community Patrol (Volunteer Patrol) took to Facebook to share about their own innovative initiative.

Check out their post below.


In light of research claiming that Covid-19 lasts days on surfaces, they decided to use cotton buds reduce contact with one of the most-touched surfaces — lift buttons.

Read on for more about their novel idea.

Cotton buds prevent contact with lift buttons

Volunteer Patrol wrote that their new volunteer project, “PICK A BUD, PRESS A BUTTON” is aimed at providing cotton buds or plastic sticks in HDB lifts.

Instead of directly touching the lift button with your finger, you can use a cotton bud instead.


This saves protects you from any bacteria, germs or even Covid-19 that may be lingering on the lift buttons.

According to Volunteer Patrol’s post, this is how you’re supposed to use the cotton buds.


1. Pick a bud — don’t touch the rest of the buds please.

2. Press the button to call for your floor or to open/close the lift door.

3. Discard the used bud in the plastic bin. Do not reuse.

The instructions are simple and easy to follow. It could definitely turn out to be a success.

Volunteers needed to carry out the initiative

The “PICK A BUD, PRESS A BUTTON” initiative is currently in its early stages, and Volunteer Patrol is still experimenting with the idea.

Apparently, they have plans to expand this initiative to other areas like traffic lights too.


They’re seeking volunteers and sponsors so that they may be able to widen the area this is implemented in.

Sponsors will be required to donate funds to cover the cost of materials needed for the project, while volunteers will work in pairs to install the cotton buds or plastic sticks in the lifts.

If you feel like you can contribute, drop them a message via Facebook to see what you can do to help.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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