Lightning Strike At Bishan Stadium Shows Just How Scary Saturday’s Thunderstorm Was

Bishan Resident Captures Clear Shot Of Lightning Strike On 21 Nov

Those of us who were out and about yesterday (21 Nov) would know just how gloomy the sky was. Amid the heavy rain that seemed to fall over the whole of Singapore, a Bishan resident managed to capture a spectacular lightning strike.


The bolt that appeared suddenly out of the misty air appeared to hit a floodlight pole at Bishan Stadium.

Whether there was any damage is unclear, but the sight itself was scary nonetheless.

Lightning strike occurred in Bishan on Saturday evening

Bishan resident Nikil who witnessed the phenomenon shared the clip he recorded in Facebook group Singapore Hikers on Saturday (21 Nov).

The short footage started off by showing the heavy downpour in Bishan, which many parts of Singapore similarly witnessed yesterday.

Literally like a bolt out of the blue, lightning lit up the gloomy sky and seemingly struck a floodlight at Bishan Stadium spot on.


The scene returned to that of the downpour before within a matter of seconds, as the phenomenon passed.

Heavy rain islandwide

In response to queries from MS News, Nikil said that he captured the lightning strike on his iPhone at around 3.11pm, from a spot just opposite Bishan Stadium.

He shared the clip on the Singapore Hikers page with a warning for fellow hikers to be careful of the dangerous weather conditions.

Indeed, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has predicted more wet weather throughout the rest of November.

So if you’re planning any outings soon, remember to prepare an umbrella for safety.

But if a major thunderstorm hits, perhaps it would be better to seek shelter in the nearest mall or building.

Stay safe in the downpour

With Singapore experiencing more thunderstorms lately, checking the weather forecast regularly may be a good habit to practice.

Getting caught in the rain isn’t a fun thing, especially not when Thor’s not around to save the day.


For those who are enjoying your day out with loved ones, take care and stay safe.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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