Shopee Singapore Has Lizard Bolster That Looks Like An Evolved Version Of A Gecko

Lizard sightings in our parks and forests can be exciting as long as we’re observing from a reasonable distance. While we don’t want to see a huge lizard or a small gecko in our own homes, this version might be an exception.

Shopee Singapore has lizard bolsters that look like an evolved version of the common house gecko.

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, this harmless creature appears to be a convenient cuddle buddy.

Lizard bolster is a cuddly version of the house gecko

Spotting this massive lizard crawling on the floor may lead to incessant screaming and a call to ACRES.

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When you’ve gotten past your initial panic, you may find that it’s actually harmless. Brave residents who dare approach it will discover that it’s a mere lizard bolster.

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Just like the real thing, it can hang around just about any spot in your home, though we doubt that it can stick to the walls or ceiling.

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Although some will steer clear of this pillow, it seems to be perfect for your reptile-loving friends. Unlike the real creature, you can happily hug this deceptive product because it’s soft and cuddly.


Lizard pillow roughly the height of a smol child

Though the common house lizard is only a few centimetres long, this bolster spans 110 centimetres in height.


Hold the lizard by the tail and you’ll be impressed by its lifelike scales and eyes, whether viewed from the front or back.


Kudos to the designer and manufacturer for their precise attention to detail.


Available on Shopee Singapore

Shopee Singapore has several listings of this lizard pillow with prices starting from $21.30.


Lizard bolster is a good cuddle buddy

Most of us hug teddy bears and plushies, but if you want to deviate from the norm, this lizard bolster is a good alternative.

Prior to sticking with it day or night, do introduce it to your friends and family first. Hopefully, your mom won’t panic once they find you sleeping with a large reptile.

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Featured image adapted from Shopee