Louis Vuitton Now Has Hypebeast Bags That Look Like S’pore Army Fieldpacks

New Louis Vuitton Backpacks Look Strangely Familiar To S’poreans

Our boys in green will be no stranger to this familiar sight — the compact mobile home to all your barang barang during your time in the army.


Nothing beats a huge backpack with loads of space and pockets for all your essentials, and luxury brand Louis Vuitton seems to have gotten the memo.

Their latest army-style fieldpacks in grey have sent the Internet into a frenzy, soon to be launching on their website. However, many Singaporeans couldn’t help but notice a curious resemblance to our iconic SAF fieldpacks.


The backpack is priced at whopping S$13,515 (US$10,000) per piece. In addition, LV will also be releasing a luxury neon Jenga block set that will set you back close to S$3,000.

If you’re considering selling a kidney to afford these luxury items, here’s what to expect.

Massive army field packs

Tougher-than-hell military inspired backpacks worn by local servicemen, have been all the rage for those engaging in outdoor-specific activities. After all, you want to bring all-things from home, especially when you’re away from home.

Sold on Carousell for RM180

Hikers and die-hard fans of designer bags will be happy to find that Louis Vuitton has entered the hype train for enormous field packs with their very own carryall which boasts of large pockets and dangling straps.


We don’t mind having a warzone-ready backpack that can help us fight overseas, outdoors and office battles, but this one comes at a hefty cost of S$13,515.

Extra high-SES neon Jenga blocks

You can now stack blocks and build towers in high-class fashion.

Louis Vuitton is set to release its own Jenga set with neon cubes made from plexiglass and adorned with their classic monogram.

90s throwback for reference

Old-school Jenga sets go for as low as $5, but LV’s version will cost you around €1900 or S$2,913. Each set comprises of 54 blocks so that’ll come up to S$55/piece.


We sure hope that your playmates won’t lose any pieces, because these are expensive AF.


They say plexiglass is difficult to shatter and you might hesitate to test that theory. On the bright side, you’ll have all the motivation you need to win the game.

Worth the money & trouble?

Louis Vuitton’s army fieldpacks and Jenga sets are a part of their Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

The bag and Jenga set are set to drop soon on the brand’s website. While we don’t have the dates yet, you can opt to contact local stores for more updates.

We’re not sure who in Singapore will be willing to hustle and save enough to afford their S$13.5k backpacks, but at least our army boys will never run out of compartment space.

Featured image from Instagram and Carousell.

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