MacRitchie TreeTop Walk Closed Till May 2021, Tell Your Outdoor Kakis To Take Other Routes

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk Closed For Maintenance Works

Dining out and shopping with friends have become such a norm since Phase 2 started that we’re now looking for other things to do. Outdoor activities seem to be a popular choice, and the famous TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir is no doubt on many people’s lists.


Unfortunately, you may have to put your plans on hold if you’re planning to drop by anytime soon for exercise or Instagram photos.

TreeTop Walk closed for maintenance

According to a notice, NParks has closed the TreeTop Walk along with 2 other paths within MacRitchie.


The closure has apparently been in effect since 11 Aug, some time after Phase 2 began.

The 2 other routes that will be closed are Peirce Track and part of the Petaling Boardwalk.

NParks states that the closure is due to maintenance works, which will likely finish around 31 May 2021.

So if you happen to go on a hike there and see signs blocking entry, please don’t try to bypass them.

Other routes still open in MacRitchie

Of course, this news shouldn’t bring your outdoor plans to a halt, as the rest of MacRitchie is still open for an immersive natural experience.

Instead of taking the Petaling Boardwalk towards the TreeTop Walk, NParks has suggested taking the Sime Track, which cuts straight to the Terentang Trail.

Though the trek may not be as picturesque, we’re sure the lush greenery and occasional wild animal sighting will make for a fun time nonetheless.

Explore Singapore safely

The last time the TreeTop Walk was closed was earlier this year, as part of safe distancing measures.

It seems like NParks has decided to carry on with it a little longer to spruce up the area again, perhaps so visitors can fully enjoy the amenities once authorities ease measures.


Hopefully, we’ll have an even more beautiful and delightful nature trail to explore once it reopens.

Till then, continue exploring other parts of Singapore safely, and adhere to any rules in place.

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Featured image adapted from NParks.

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