Singapore Maid Also Stole From Her Elderly Employers’ Safe In Addition To Mixing Blood Into Their Rice

Many Singaporeans would have heard of gruesome tales of the mythical nasi kang kang. If you’ve not heard of the ‘dish’, here’s a pretty succinct explanation.

The tales became more than a myth for a family in Punggol after their Indonesian maid mixed secretions such as menstrual blood, urine, and saliva into her employers’ meal.

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On Monday (13 Jan), the domestic helper was sentenced to 7 months’ jail after she was found guilty of the charges.

Indonesian maid mixes menstrual blood into employers’ rice

According to ChannelNews Asia (CNA), the 30-year-old helper had mixed bodily secretions such as urine, saliva, and menstrual blood into her Punggol employers’ rice and water in Aug 2019.

Her employers, unfortunately, consumed the contaminated food and beverage.

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The helper, Diana, reportedly did this in hopes of getting her employers to “agree with her” and not reprimand her for her work performance.

Also stole $13,300 from employers’ safe

A year before, Diana had reportedly stolen money from her elderly employers from Aug 2017 to Jun 2018, after she figured out the pass code to their safe.

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She stole from the safe on 5 occasions, with her ‘loot’ amounting to a whopping $13,300.

After stealing from the safe, Diana would engage an acquaintance to help remit the money back home.

The Straits Times reported that the police have yet to recover the money.

Diana confessed to her misdeeds in Oct 2019 and her employers lodged a police report, according to the article by CNA.

Jailed for 7 months and 3 weeks

On Monday (13 Jan), Diana pleaded guilty to 3 charges, which included 2 counts of mischief and 1 count of theft.

She was sentenced to 7 months and 3 weeks in jail.

In mitigation, the domestic helper apologised to her employers “from the bottom of my (her) heart”, and claimed she only stole as she was facing “some distress” back home.

She added that she’s the sole breadwinner for her family and has to support her mother, who is apparently “ill and aged”.

Her plea had apparently worked.

For her theft, the Indonesian could’ve faced 7 years in prison. Each mischief charge meanwhile would’ve costed her jail of up to a year, a fine, or both.

Commiserations to the employers

Commiserations to the employers’ who unknowingly consumed the tainted food.

We’re glad that the maid’s misdeeds came to light and she was caught before she could cause further harm.

That said, a 7-month jail sentence does seem pretty lenient, given the severity of her crimes.

Do you agree with the sentencing? Otherwise, how do you think the domestic worker should’ve been punished?

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