Heroic Couple Saved Elderly Man’s Life With CPR, Netizens Wish To Identify Them

Couple Did Professional CPR For Uncle Who Fainted Along Jalan Besar, Opp Sim Lim Tower

[UPDATE] The couple has been identified by netizens, and their social media feeds have been flooded with praise after the news was picked up by mainstream media.

A heartwarming tale of civilian heroes has gained traction on social media.

When an elderly uncle suddenly fainted while walking along a pathway opposite Sim Lim Tower, an unnamed Malay couple rushed in to save his life.


They administered Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) along the road “professionally” while waiting for emergency rescue staff to arrive.

Netizens have summoned the power of the Internet to identify these two good Samaritans, and hopefully accord them the praise they deserve.

Check out the 5-min video of the incident, posted on SG Road Vigilante in full here.

Incredibly heroic couple

Although the couple did not leave their names and probably left the scene after the incident, here’s a close up shot of how they look.


The lady was wearing a mustard dress, while the man wore a navy blue long-sleeved shirt with a “Bespoke” design emblazoned on it.

They were assisted in their life-saving effort by two other men dressed in shorts and pants, before the medics arrived.

When and where?

This incident reportedly happened in the early hours of Wednesday (27 Jun), at around 1.15am.

Opposite Sim Lim Tower, at Jalan Besar is where the uncle fainted, and required medical assistance.

Netizens pile on the praise

Netizens were touched by this couple’s selfless deed.

Besides sharing this post widely, most of them were extremely generous with praise for the couple on the post.


One, however, questioned why the poster didn’t take “a front face picture” of the couple, making it hard to recognise them.


He was hilariously shot down by other netizens immediately.


Reminding that particular netizen that it was an emergency situation after all.


Others talked about how truly good Samaritans don’t do good deeds to have “their acts caught on camera”, as many of them prefer to remain anonymous.


In any case, we think the couple’s heroic gesture definitely saved a few seconds on behalf of the medical team.

Precious seconds which may have been a deciding factor between life or death for the uncle.

Do you recognise them?

We think it’s okay even if the couple’s identity is not uncovered, but it would be nice if the man they saved got a chance to thank them in person.

More importantly, we hope the uncle recovers swiftly from the incident.

If you recognise the couple in the picture, or were at the scene of the accident when it unfolded, do let us know in the comments.

Featured image from SG Road Vigilante.

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