Man Raises Fist & Spews Vulgarities At Female Passenger, SBS Bus Captain Asks Him To Alight

Man On Bus Spews Vulgarities & Raises Fist Threateningly At Female Passenger On 24 Sep

On Saturday (24 Sep) evening, a man was seen acting threateningly towards a woman seated in front of him on an SBS bus.

In a TikTok video, he was seen raising his fists and spewing vulgarities while looking at the woman.


this man behaved very aggressively towards an Indian woman on Bus 14. he was eventually asked to leave the Bus #sgtiktok🇸🇬 #sgviral #singapore #singaporebus #fyp

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An eyewitness shared that the lady was not doing anything that could have triggered the man at the time.

The witness later reported the man to the bus captain, who told the man to alight the bus.

Man raises fist at woman in front of him

According to a voiceover by the eyewitness, on 24 Sep around 7.50pm, she was on SBS bus 14 and took notice of a man seated near her.

She shared that when a Chinese woman sitting in front of him alighted, a lady, seemingly of Indian descent, went over to the seat.

The moment she did so, the man allegedly shouted, “What the f**k”.

At first, the witness thought he was playing a video game and accidentally exclaimed the expletive.

However, as she watched him, she saw that he was continually balling his hands up in a fist and cracking his knuckles aggressively.

man raises fist bus

Source: sgviralvids on TikTok

She elaborated that he sometimes did this very near the lady’s head. The witness also shared that the man repeatedly kicked the lady’s chair on purpose. The kicks were reportedly so forceful that the lady kept being jolted forward.

Besides that, he allegedly shouted vulgarities the entire time while looking at the lady, even when she turned around to look at him.

Although the lady was not acting in any way that might anger him, the witness shared that it “became apparent” that he was unhappy with her sitting in front of him.

Bus captain asks man to alight

Over time, the witness said the man got more aggressive and started shouting more vulgarities. In videos, he can be heard swearing repeatedly in Hokkien.

Source: sgviralvids on TikTok

After a while, the lady got on the phone and, according to the witness, spoke to someone in a “normal tone in a very normal volume”.

This time, when the man balled his hand in a fist, the witness said she thought he was about to punch her.

The witness then tapped the shoulder of the girl beside her, and they both expressed shock at the incident.

As the man kept turning around to glance at them, the witness told the girl beside her to film the man’s actions.

man raises fist bus

Source: sgviralvids on TikTok

This went on for about 20 to 25 minutes and made the witness uncomfortable.

Fearful that things would escalate into physical violence, the witness went down the double-decker bus and informed the bus captain about the man.

The bus captain later confronted the man and told him to alight the bus. Eventually, the man got off the bus.

The witness then spoke to the lady who sat in front of the man and shared that she was pretty scared.

Pointing out that the man had no qualms about it when the previous passenger sat in front of him, the witness guessed that his behaviour was due to racial factors.

The witness, also of Indian descent, said she was uncomfortable about the incident and hoped to raise awareness about it.

Netizens glad witness informed bus captain

Videos of the incident soon circulated online and went viral. Many netizens said they were glad the witness informed the bus captain about the man.

man raises fist bus

Source: sgviralvids on TikTok

One netizen commented that no one deserves to face such threatening behaviour on a public bus.

Source: Adminsgfollowsalll on Instagram

However, some also urged understanding as the man might not be mentally well.

Source: Adminsgfollowsalll on Instagram

MS News has since reached out to SBS Transit for a statement on the incident and will update the article accordingly when they get back.

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