McDonald’s Green Curry Burger & Pulut Hitam Pie Make Us Miss Our JB Day Trips

McDonald’s Malaysia Has Green Curry Burgers & Mango McFlurry From 15 Jun

Just last week, local McDonald’s just released a Sanrio Happy Meal series, to the delight of many fans.

However, across the Causeway, the fast-food chain is adding an enviable spread of food to the menu.

Malaysians can now enjoy McDonald’s Thai Green Curry Burger, alongside items like Mango McFlurry and “fluffy egg” breakfast burgers.


Certainly, these mouthwatering options do leave us wondering when we can resume our JB day trips for good food and shopping.

Thai Green Curry Burger makes comeback

Many might be familiar with green curry in Thai cuisine, a popular dish that complements a delicious plate of pineapple fried rice.

McDonald’s converts this celebrated delicacy into a tangy sauce, binding together a patty, fresh vegetables and toasted buns.


While the fish version of this Green Curry Burger made its debut in 2014, the chicken rendition has yet to be unveiled until this morning (15 Jun).


With this, the Thai Green Curry Burger – retailing at S$4.30 (RM13.20) for both chicken & fish cutlets – makes a glorious comeback to McDonald’s Malaysia’s outlets.

Doubling the meat will cost around S$5.54 (RM16.97) per burger.

Limited edition desserts

The OG $1 apple pie will always take centre place in every fast foodie’s heart.

However, this Pulut Hitam Santan Pie – priced at S$1.39 (RM4.25) has an authentic Southeast Asian flavour that definitely challenges this notion.


The Mango McFlurry, S$2.31 (RM7.08), will also return, featuring a swirly combination of mango topping and oreo bits.


A Mango Sundae, S$1.69 (RM5.19) is also on the menu, topped with generous amounts of sweet gooey syrup.


Big Breakfast, in burger form

Instead of a regular egg in your Sausage McMuffin with Egg, customers can opt for a scrambled egg option.


This breakfast series hops on the fluffy egg bandwagon, bringing to you a Big Breakfast but assembled.

While Singapore has yet to offer this upgrade, we are hoping they will come to our outlets to replace the well-missed McGriddles ASAP.

Hope we can return to JB soon

The consistent release of new food items and attractive deals is leaving us nostalgic about the days we can hop on the bus for a JB outing.


As we enter Covid-19 recovery phases, we can be hopeful that this might be possible somewhere in the near future.

Meanwhile, we can still enjoy the awesome selection at our local McDonald’s, available for takeaway and delivery.

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Featured image adapted from Only William & Dewi Malaysia. Images featured are for illustration purposes only.

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