Kind McDonald’s Customer Helps Pregnant Lady Order, Saves Her Swollen Feet

When McDonald’s reopened its golden arches on Monday (11 May), hoards of Singaporeans flocked to restaurants to grab a brown paper bag of the dearly missed fare.

With so many people leaving their homes just to buy McDonald’s, it was no surprise that multiple outlets saw long queues, with as many as 30 people in line.

This netizen – a pregnant lady – was also craving McDonald’s, and was determined to brave the snaking queue for a burger to break her fast with.

Luckily for her, a kind man in front of her offered to help take her order, so she didn’t have to queue for such a long time.

She was touched and related the incident in a Facebook post on Wednesday (14 May).


Pregnant lady saw 30 people ahead in queue at McDonald’s

The netizen recounted that she been craving McDonald’s for a while, but the app was down, and delivery wasn’t available.

She decided to head down to the outlet, accompanied by her brother as she is pregnant.

Apparently, there were over 30 people ahead of them in the queue, but they braved the queue for a burger and fries to break fast with.

Queued for 20 minutes

She shared that after queueing for 20 minutes, they were only halfway through the queue. They must have looked fatigued, as a staff member soon approached them.

When they heard that a man ahead of them in the queue wanted to help them order, they were so surprised, her “jaw dropped”.

Man took orders while they waited outside

It seems like the siblings accepted the offer, as the netizen shared that the kind man queued and ordered for them while they waited outside.

She wrote that he “saved (her) energy and (her) swollen feet too”, thanking him for helping them get home early to break fast.


Spreading kindness through McDonald’s

It’s always great to see people helping each other, but it’s especially heartwarming during tough times like now.

Hopefully, we see more people spreading kindness through McDonald’s with little gestures like this. Jokes are great too, but they’re not always taken the right way.

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We’re glad that our beloved McSpicys and Happy Meals are back for now, and we appreciate them more than ever. Likewise, let’s show each other kindness and appreciation in whatever little ways we can.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Facebook. Left image is for illustration purposes only.