McDonald’s Queensway Will Move Out Of Ridout Tea Garden After Serving Customers For 32 Years

Many Singaporeans have fond memories of the McDonald’s outlet at Ridout Tea Garden, as it’s one of the more idyllic places to enjoy a McSpicy.

However, when the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) called a tender for the site, some were concerned that it would mean the well-loved outlet would disappear.

Sadly, their fears have been realised: the McDonald’s will be moving out in Dec 2021.


That’s because its lease will expire on 31 Dec.

McDonald’s Queensway in operation for 32 years

Upon enquires by MS News, a McDonald’s spokesperson revealed the sad news.

The restaurant will be ceasing operations in Dec 2021, when its lease expires.

They also revealed that the branch at Ridout Tea Garden as one of the chain’s oldest restaurants in Singapore.

For 32 years, customers could enjoy a meal sitting by the pond and surrounded by lush greenery.


Tenancy will expire on 31 Dec

In a statement sent to MS News, the SLA also informed us that the site located at, 580 Queensway, is currently tenanted to a company called Hayman Private Limited.

They secured it via an open tender since 1 Apr 2016.

The single-storey building on the site has 2 units that can be rented out, and one of them is currently occupied by McDonald’s.


The tenancy for “the site with greenery surrounding it”, SLA said, will expire on 31 Dec.

Thus, SLA launched a tender for it.

Incumbent welcome to take part in tender: SLA

However, in the SLA’s statement, they also added a paragraph that was interesting.

They said the new tender was open to “interested parties” to apply for a fresh tenancy of 3 years, which can be extended for 2 further terms of 3 years.

It also added,

The incumbent tenant and sub-tenants are welcome to participate in the tender if they wish to continue their operations.

However, since McDonald’s has already indicated that they’ll be ceasing operations there, it appears that they’ve already decided not to take part in any tender.

Read the whole statement here:

The site at 580 Queensway in Ridout Park is currently tenanted to Hayman Private Limited through an open tender since 1 April 2016. The site has a total land area of 57,453.9 sq ft. This includes a single-storey building with two lettable units, of which one is now occupied by McDonald’s. Hayman’s tenancy for the site with greenery surrounding it will be expiring on 31 December 2021, and we have launched a tender for the site.


We have adopted the Price and Quality evaluation format to conduct the tender, to encourage bidders to put forth unique and interesting concepts to enhance the site, including a maintenance plan to preserve the long-term asset value of the premises.  The Price-Quality tender will allow for a more holistic assessment of the bids, with 50% of the overall score for the quality of the concept, and 50% for the bid price. The quality component of the proposed concept will be a key consideration in our assessment for the tender award.


The tender is an opportunity for interested parties to tender for a fresh 3+3+3 year tenancy for the sites. The incumbent tenant and sub-tenants are welcome to participate in the tender if they wish to continue their operations.


Located within Ridout Tea Garden, the site was originally built as part of the Queenstown Japanese Garden in early 1970s. Damaged by a fire in June 1978, it was subsequently rebuilt and reopened in 1980 as the Ridout Tea Garden.

Oldest McDonald’s is in People’s Park

The McDonald’s spokesperson reminded us that it will continue operations in the area, with  their nearest outlets in Queensway Shopping Centre and The Metropolis, near Buona Vista MRT.

Though the McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden may have been around for a really long time, their oldest restaurant still in operation today is actually the one at People’s Park Complex.


That’s something that not many people might know.

McDonald’s space had shrunk over the years

Perhaps the writing was on the wall.

In recent years, the floor space of the McDonald’s in Queensway had reduced significantly.

From taking over the whole building, the fast food outlet ended up taking only half of it in recent years.


Since it’ll be relegated to just our memories from next year, you might want to drop by before it disappears for good. Here’s how you can get there:

McDonald’s Queensway
 #01-580 Ridout Rd, Tea Garden, Singapore 149066
Opening hours: 24 hours daily
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth Station

Hope we can make more memories there

Singaporeans might now be reeling from the news that yet another familiar place is going away.

However, we hope at least the iconic Japanese-inspired garden and pond will remain intact.

If so, perhaps whatever takes over the space will allow us to make more memories there.

Till then, we have till the end of the year enjoy McDonald’s Queensway one last time.

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