Australia Reimposes Melbourne ‘Circuit Breaker’, Shows S’pore Needs To Stay Vigilant In Phase 2

Melbourne ‘Circuit Breaker’ Aka Second Lockdown Will Last 6 Weeks

With the reopening of most retail shops and their favourite BBT outlets under Phase 2, Singaporeans are gradually streaming back into malls and eateries.

Like Singaporeans, Australians were also getting the hang of normal life again after their Covid-19 lockdown — until the virus returned to Melbourne’s city centre.


The Australian authorities have once again imposed a lockdown – albeit only in Melbourne – due to fears of a second wave of Covid-19 cases.

Melbourne will start a second ‘Circuit Breaker’

According to a press release by the Victoria State Government, Melbourne’s 2nd lockdown will take effect from 11.59pm (GMT+10) on Wednesday (8 Jul) — this translates to around 9.59pm (GMT+8) here in Singapore.

The lockdown will last for about 6 weeks.

Like Singapore’s ‘Circuit Breaker’, 5 million citizens will be advised to stay home as much as possible, and only essential tasks like grocery shopping and exercising will be permitted.


In Victoria state, of which Melbourne is the capital, restrictions will also apply, though they are looser.

Singaporeans are no stranger to such restrictions, having survived almost 3 months of staying at home during our ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Melbourne sees increase in Covid-19 cases

Reimposing a lockdown in Melbourne was necessary, due to the jump in Covid-19 cases over the week.

Australia’s 2nd-largest city recorded a total of 191 infections on Tuesday (7 Jul), reported CNN, pointing to a potential resurgence of the virus.


To ensure they are in control of the situation, the state government decided to reimpose the lockdown to prevent citizens from leaving their homes unnecessarily.

In fact, the state border between Victoria and New South Wales has already been closed, cutting off some 6.6 million people from the rest of Australia.

This comes after the country has already closed off its borders to international visitors.

Second wave is a possibility

Melbourne is not the only city experiencing a second wave. In fact, countries like South Korea and China are battling outbreaks again, despite previously seeing improvement.

In Singapore, there are currently no plans to revert to Phase 1 after GE2020, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH). However, Singaporeans shouldn’t let their guard down.

Practise social distancing diligently

MOH’s director of medical services Kenneth Mak has said the cooperation of citizens is needed if we don’t want a second wave and another Phase 1 or ‘Circuit Breaker’. So, everybody needs to do their part.

With that, do remember to wear your face mask when out and about and practice social distancing diligently.

Hopefully, Singapore can overcome this pandemic without the need for another lockdown.

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Featured image adapted from Arab News.

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