Singapore Migrant Worker Chats With YouTuber About Quarantine, Assures Living Conditions Are Adequate

As of Tuesday (14 Apr), Singapore confirmed a total of 3,252 Covid-19 cases, many of whom are migrant workers living in dormitories.

Currently, more than 20,000 foreign workers are quarantined in facilities around the island, and much debate is going on about their living conditions.

In a wholesome chat with his YouTuber friend, one such worker offers a glimpse of life under quarantine.


Far from news reports we read daily, this is a much more personal insight into what’s really going on.

Migrant worker receiving his full salary

Mr Ghib Ojisan is a Japanese YouTuber based in Singapore. Like the rest of us, he is staying home during this ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Seeing the news regarding infections among migrant workers, Mr Ojisan decided to check in on his “bro” who is living in one of the quarantine dorms.


He shared their wholesome conversation in a video posted on Tuesday (14 Apr).

In a video call, the worker reveals that the Singapore government is taking good care of them, providing free food and WiFi.

Though he is “very scared” of the raging pandemic, the Bangladeshi national assures that everything is still “okay”.

Guaranteed a full salary, they need not worry about a lack of income while in quarantine.


Calls home when he can

Working in a foreign country during a widespread outbreak is anxiety-inducing, hence, it makes sense that the workers miss home a little more.

Mr Ojisan’s friend shares that his mother cries out of worry for him, urging him to “come back”.


The worker himself is also anxious about the situation back in Bangladesh.

On the bright side, he is able to contact his loved ones frequently throughout the day and keep up with his family’s condition.

Migrant worker is still living with 12 others

Last Friday (10 Apr), Jurong and Bedok army camps were cleared to house 1,300 workers. This is to reduce crowding in dorms, ensuring space for them to keep a safe distance between each other.


Despite these measures, Mr Ojisan found out that his friend still lives with 12 others in the same room, leaving him worried.


The main comfort perhaps comes in the fact that the dorms undergo sanitisation thrice a day, as the worker claims.


With the increased frequency of cleaning procedures in dorms, however, let’s hope that quarantined workers are getting adequate protection.

Stay safe, our nation builders

With all the negativity surrounding Singapore’s treatment of migrant workers, the Bangladeshi national gave us a warm look into quarantine life, showing that much has actually been done for our nation builders.

While conditions might not be optimal yet, we are striving to make them better.

On our part, let’s try to extend our kindness and gratitude towards foreign workers during this tough period.

Featured image adapted from YouTube