Singapore Welfare Group Seeks Unwanted Items To Give Migrant Workers This CNY

As we’re busy Marie Kondo-ing the house this Chinese New Year (CNY), we’ll probably find lots of items in good condition that we may no longer need. Instead of throwing them away, Singapore welfare group ItsRainingRaincoats is asking residents to donate the items to migrant workers.


This initiative is just one out of many acts of goodwill the group has consistently embarked on.

Share the CNY cheer with migrant workers

Since CNY spring cleaning often ends with large piles of items for disposal, ItsRainingRaincoats is hoping to salvage those still in mint condition.

They’re accepting items such as men’s clothing, unopened toiletries, backpacks and electronic devices. You may find the full list of accepted items here.

Image from a donation drive in Feb 2019

Unopened and non-expired treats are also welcome, as food is meant to be shared anyway.

So if you find yourself with extra bottles of pineapple tarts or love letters, feel free to send those their way.

Make sure items are in good condition

While your intentions may be good when passing on unwanted items, the organisation requests that you vet through their conditions beforehand.

Volunteers will return items in questionable conditions – stained, broken, or unusable – to donors, at their discretion.

People who wish to donate may contact a volunteer via WhatsApp or text. Their numbers are available via the link here.

Volunteer group dedicated to helping migrant workers

For the unfamiliar, ItsRainingRaincoats operates with the aim of spreading kindness to migrant workers in Singapore.

These workers left their home country to take on hard labour jobs many aren’t willing to do.


The initiative strives to integrate them into our community by acknowledging their presence and contributions.

Show your thanks by spreading kindness

Many of us are blessed enough to be living comfortable lives in a first world country.

At times, we are guilty of purchasing items we don’t necessarily need, and toss them aside after a couple of uses.

Instead of throwing these items out or hoarding them to collect dust, why not put a smile on someone else’s face by donating?

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.