Dokirella Has Milk Carton Bags To Store Your Essentials

Milk is a go-to drink for health-conscious individuals that want a creamy refreshment with nutritional benefits.

We’d usually discard the cartons when we’re done, but not when they look this cute in the form of handbags.

Online gift shop Dokirella has adorable milk carton bags inspired by strawberry milk, banana milk, chocolate milk, pure milk, and orange juice.

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But instead of carrying milk, they’re designed to store your moolah and other essentials instead.

Adorable milk carton bags for beverage lovers

Dokirella has milk carton bags that look like dedicated containers for your dairy drinks—which you would typically find in a grocery store.

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These bags are coloured in pastel so they can easily complement your casual outfits. Plus, a convenient strap lets you easily bring it wherever you go.

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Which drink is your favourite? This bag lets you loudly proclaim your appreciation for sweet and syrupy strawberry milk.

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They say classics never go out of style and it seems the same is true for this pure milk carton. Those who love good ‘ol fresh milk can opt for this blue bag with a cowhide design.


South Korea’s well-loved banana milk in carton bag form reminds us of the creamy deliciousness of the real thing.


We bet it can fit several packs of Binggrae’s famous banana milk so you can easily indulge in the taste of sweet banana.

Can store gadgets, makeup & essentials

The milk carton bag is a convenient container for everyday essentials.


It can store your moolah, gadgets, beauty products, and other items you’d typically store in your handbag.


To live up to its name, beverage lovers can also include miniature cartons of their dairy products. After all, milk is a tasty drink that can easily boost your energy levels when fatigue sets in.


Available at Dokirella

Dokirella’s milk carton bags are available online at ~S$43.80 each.


The merchant offers shipping to all countries so you can get it delivered to your home.

Show off your super chic milk carton bags

These milk carton bags can serve as a fond reminder of your favourite pick-me-up whenever you visit local parks or hang out with friends.

We love that it can easily fit small milk cartons, snacks, and other daily essentials. Thanks to the ample storage space, you’ll have everything you need to conquer the day.

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Featured image adapted from Dokirella.