FairPrice Customer Asks Why Discounted Price Is Costlier, Supermarket Apologises

NTUC FairPrice Asks Customer To Contact Them Over Mislabelled Product

At supermarkets, we see food products being sold at discounted rates sometimes when there is an urgency for stocks to be cleared. Hence, it’s not unusual to see more than one price tag pasted on the items.

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However, one customer noticed something unusual when she saw the discounted price of a fish appeared to be more expensive than its original price. She posted her discovery on Facebook.

On Monday (26 Jul), NTUC FairPrice said they are aware of the post and are appealing to the customer to aid their investigations.

They also stressed that product integrity, including accurate labelling, is important to them.

Fish came with 2 price tags

On 23 Jul, the customer shared a picture on Facebook that shows 2 separate price labels on a fish being sold at FairPrice.

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The original price tag stated that the fish weighed about 0.563kg and cost $7.76.

However, the red price tag pasted over it – usually indicating a discount – showed a price of $8.10. The weight was roughly the same at 0.564kg.

The customer questioned why the discounted price was more expensive than the original price.

Netizens say product was likely mislabelled

Some netizens joked that the weight of the fish on the updated price label was 0.001kg heavier, which might have caused the price markup.

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Others conjectured that the hike in price was due to less supply coming in after Jurong Port Fishery was closed.


However, some netizens pointed out that this was a case of mislabelling.


One netizen even felt that the fish was not a golden snapper as labelled.

NTUC FairPrice apologises for the inconvenience caused

On Monday (26 Jul), NTUC FairPrice addressed the issue on Facebook, saying they are aware of the labelling discrepancy.


They appealed to the customer who posted the picture to contact them and aid them in their investigation.

NTUC FairPrice also assured customers that product integrity, including accurate labelling, is of paramount importance to them.

They urge customers who find labelling discrepancies to approach their staff immediately to rectify the issue.

A full refund or exchange of product is also offered to any customer affected by inaccurate labelling. The supermarket also apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Important for businesses to uphold accurate price labelling

As customers, we put our trust in supermarkets to label products accurately so we are kept informed of the prices we’re paying for.

Hopefully, after this incident, NTUC FairPrice staff will be more careful when pasting price tags on their products, as mislabelling could carry potentially severe consequences if customers have allergies.

We’re glad NTUC FairPrice is taking responsibility to ensure such discrepancies will not happen again.

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