MOE Advises Parents To Celebrate Children’s Efforts & Not Grades On PSLE Results Day

MOE Encourages Parents To Support Their Kids Regardless Of Their PSLE Results

Alas, the Primary School Leaving Examination results’ release day is arriving on Thursday (21 Nov). As both students and parents anxiously await the PSLE results, the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued a timely reminder for parents on Tuesday (19 Nov)

In short, MOE advised parents to celebrate their children’s efforts and not focus only on their results.


Guide on how to support kids

It’s normal to be anxious about getting your exams results back. That’s especially so when you’re talking about a major exam like PSLE.

Many parents might be “unsure of how [they] might react, or how [they] can support [their] child”. Thus, MOE has shared some pointers from their primary school on what parents can do.


Parents should support their children emotionally and, in the words of MOE — “celebrate effort, not results”. Good results should be celebrated, but students should first be acknowledged for their efforts.


Secondly, don’t compare your child’s results with others. This often makes light of the child’s efforts and can make them feel belittled.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the students have tried their best for their PSLE.

PSLE results don’t define a person

Many successful individuals, when looking back on their lives, admit that PSLE wasn’t the most important milestone in their life journey.

In the longer term, what matters more than their results is that they know their parents love them.

MS News would like to wish all students receiving their PSLE results on Thursday (21 Nov) good luck and may they achieve their desired articles.

Featured image adapted from and AsiaOne.

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