Moscow Police Confiscate Local Batman’s Batmobile Because It Had No License Plate

Before the days of Marvel’s Avengers movie franchise taking the world by storm, everyone loved Batman.

He was the dark, he was the night, he was, Batman.


This guy in Moscow has clearly stayed loyal to the controversial vigilante.

He was evidently a committed fan, and even got himself a custom Batmobile so he could cruise the streets of Gotham Central Moscow in style.


Sadly, the sleek sports car was confiscated last Saturday (22 Feb) night by Moscow police after as it did not adhere to road safety regulations.

Batmobile defied road safety regulations

According to BBC, the vehicle was seized by the police for a number of reasons regarding its build.

For one, the Batmobile was “not manufactured within factory conditions”, and uncertified by authorities. Additionally, it had never been deemed roadworthy and was also an unregistered vehicle.


The traffic police reportedly speculate that the car is not likely to be roadworthy, as it is overweight and oversized.

Car was custom built in US and listed in Russia

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that the car was built in the United States of America, and further customised at an auto shop in Russia called Fast Boom Pro.

The car is allegedly 6 metres long, which is absurdly oversized for an ordinary car. For comparison, the Honda Odyssey MPV is roughly 5.16 metres long.

The Batmobile seems to be a replica of the Dark Knight’s vehicle from the 2016 movie —Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Here’s the Batmobile from the movie:


And here’s the confiscated car:


Props to the auto shop for the amazing customisation job.

Unfortunately, authorities decided that the vehicle “exceeded acceptable norms”, hence why it was confiscated, reports the BBC.

Man faces heavy fines if he wants his car back

The car’s owner, a 32-year-old Moscow resident, is allegedly being investigated for three different charges for the car’s irregular shape, it’s excessive size and weight and it’s lack of registry, reported the BBC.

Apparently, a similar car was listed in Russia last October, for around S$1,169,000 (55 million Roubles).

The car was listed with features that sound a lot like the real Batmobile’s. It reportedly had a night vision camera, a laser-aiming device and even a gun that mimicked gunshots.

Wait a minute — Batman doesn’t use guns?

Apart from that minute detail, the car is insanely cool, but this Batman fan would likely have to pay a heavy fine if he wants his vehicle back.

Road safety is important

We encourage everyone to live your best life and do what you want, because YOLO, right?

Still, road safety is important because other people are at risk too.

Maybe this guy can consider a scaled-down version of the Batmobile. Perhaps a Bugatti La Voiture Noire would suffice?


It costs approximately 26 million Singapore Dollars (US$18.7 million), but we’re sure he’d much rather spend his money on a supercar than fines.

Featured image adapted from ABC News.