Singapore Taxi Driver Scratches Porsche & Admits Mistake, Owner Asks For $1 Compensation Only

Minor road accidents happen quite often, and they reveal the worst of people, especially so when those at fault start making a scene.

On Thursday (13 Feb), a taxi driver had a minor accident with a Porsche, scratching it. Instead of trying to weasel his way out of the situation, the honest driver admitted to his mistake immediately.


Knowing that this is not an easy time to be a taxi driver, the Porsche owner charged him only $1 for the damages.

Taxi driver did not argue

The owner of the Porsche, Mr Wu, shared in a Facebook post on Thursday (13 Feb) that the taxi driver was “steady” and admitted his fault without arguing.


The taxi driver requested Mr Wu not to make a claim against him, explaining that “times [were] bad”.

Mr Wu understood his concerns and knew that driving a taxi is now a high risk job, in view of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Porsche owner transferred money back to taxi driver

Not one to shirk his resposibilities, the taxi driver transferred $200 to Mr Wu for the damages.


However, Mr Wu told the taxi driver that he found a cheaper place to do repairs and offered to return him some of the money.


Instead of transferring some of the money, Mr Wu gave almost all of it away, save for $1.


From their WhatsApp text exchanges, Mr Wu seemed to have done so as proof that the taxi driver did compensate for the damages, instead of not at all.

After returning the bulk of the money, the thoughtful Mr Wu said he would not make any further claims.

Kindness makes the world go round

Mr Wu’s kindness and generosity has touched many netizens.



A netizen also acknowledged while the amount might not be much to Mr Wu, it probably means a lot to the taxi driver.


In these trying times, we all need some extra kindness to keep us going. Our empathy will touch the lives of others too.

Kudos to Mr Wu for his generosity!

Featured image adapted from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.