Speeding Motorcyclist Passes Away After Beating Red Light & Crashing Into Car In Penang

Motorcyclist Dies After Beating Red Light & Crashing Into Car In Penang

A motorcyclist in Malaysia tragically passed away after he ran a red light and crashed into a car.

He was allegedly speeding and racing other motorcyclists when he missed the traffic lights at a junction in Southwest Penang.

According to Malaysian news outlet Kwong Wah, the accident occurred around 4.30am on Sunday (4 June) near the Seagate Technology factory in Penang.

Roads were slippery from rain when motorcyclist beat red light & crashed

A group of motorcyclists reportedly raced in the area on the night of the accident.

Heavy rain from earlier that evening also added to the slippery conditions of the roads. However, that did not stop the motorcyclists.

Video footage of the incident showed that the deceased rider did not slow down when he reached the red lights.

Source: Facebook

Instead, he continued driving ahead while performing a stunt called the ‘Superman’. It involved him lying on his belly on the seats while the bike sped forward.

Source: Facebook

At this point, a car happened to be turning into the road at the junction when the motorcycle slammed into it at full speed.

Source: Facebook

It seemed as if the deceased was racing another motorcyclist when he crashed. Fortunately, the second rider managed to narrowly escape the collision.

Killed on impact, body covered with white cloth by the roadside

The impact was so strong that it threw the rider off and killed him on the spot. Witnesses to the accident screamed in shock when they realised what had occurred.

Onlookers surrounded the deceased following the crash. A white cloth covered most of the deceased’s body by the roadside as they waited for assistance.

Kwong Wah reported that there was footage on social media showing the deceased performing various stunts on his motorcycle before the tragedy.

Photographs of the aftermath showed that the motorcycle had shattered from the impact.

Source: Facebook

The car it had crashed into also sustained a hole in the passenger’s side.

Source: Facebook

There were also people, presumably fellow racers and friends of the deceased, crouching next to the body, mourning the fallen rider.

Source: Kwong Wah

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Kwong Wah.

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