M’sian Motorist Releases Fish On Flooded Highway, Brings New ‘Life’ To Dead Road

Malaysian Motorist Releases Fish Into Flooded KL Highway To Create Pond

One of the stressors when travelling to work in the morning is the rush hour traffic and jams on the expressway.


But what if one lane is fully blocked and there is no knowing when the issue will be rectified?

That’s the predicament one Malaysian motorist found himself in when a motorcycle lane was completely flooded. Out of frustration, he then decided to inject some life into the ‘dead’ motorcycle lane by releasing fish to create a ‘highway pond’.


In 4 months time, he believes it’ll transform into a fishing spot.

Created highway “fish pond” out of frustration

On Saturday (26 Sep), a motorist travelling on Malaysia’s Federal Highway shot a Facebook video of how a designated motorcycle lane was completely flooded. The clip showed waters that have risen to almost head level.


He turned his frustration into tongue-in-cheek humour by making an “announcement” that he will be “opening a fish pond next to the Federal Highway near Petronas Subang”.

Inviting all who liked to fish, he teased that he might release some fish and that it’ll turn into a new fishing spot at Klang Valley,

Maybe three or four months later we will be able to fish here.

The video has garnered over 3,000 shares at the time of writing.

Bought 4 types of fish to release into KL Highway

Apparently, the motorist was not simply speaking nor shooting the video in jest.

Three days later on Tuesday (29 Sep), he shot another video of himself taking out packets of fish from his bike’s storage compartment.


He said in the video that he has bought four types of fish and videoed their release into the flooded highway, which has now subsided to waist level.


The fish include carps, snakeheads, tilapias, and ikan puyu. 


Feeling like he has created a new ‘tourist attraction’, he suggested a fishing competition in perhaps 4 months after the fish have bred.

Complications between transport authorities led to works not done

It seems that different parts of the motorcycle lane on the Federal Highway are overseen by multiple transport authorities.

According to Malay Mail, the authorities include the Malaysian Highway Authority, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Petaling Jaya City Hall, Subang Jaya Municipal Council and Klang Municipal Council.

That might be the reason why works on the Federal Highway are not attended to, said the authorities Malay Mail spoke to.

Netizens applauded lane given life, others worried fish might die

Responding to the viral video, some netizens found the initiative amusing. Others said the fish will multiply rapidly as tilapia lays eggs every 3 to 4 months.


However, others who thought more long-term pointed out that the fish would die when the flood eventually subside.


Hope flood will be cleared soon

Perhaps it is not a good idea to release living things into the waters as they might not be able to survive under those conditions.

We hope the flood will be cleared soon by the Malaysian authorities so that motorists may be able to use the designated lanes again.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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