No Fines On MRTs & Buses For Not Social Distancing Under Updated Covid-19 Rules

MRTs & Buses Won’t Have 1-Metre Apart Stickers As Crowds Return

Commuters have officially returned to public transport as Phase 1 begins. In a crowded cabin, it may be difficult to observe the 1-metre apart rule.

So the question at the forefront of our minds is, will we get fined if we don’t adhere to adequate social distancing?


With updated Covid-19 rules, the good news is that you won’t incur financial penalties if you don’t stand or sit 1 metre apart on public transport.


Let’s take a closer look at what other updates have been released in the Covid-19 regulation amendments.

No fines for not standing 1m apart on public transport

There are but 2 exceptions to observing the 1-metre social distance rule in the updated regulations.

A 1-metre distance must be observed from peers in public places except in:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Public transport services & connected premises*

*Bus interchanges & MRT platforms are included.


To facilitate in rolling out this amendment, social-distancing markers have been removed from MRTs & buses.

This is due to the difficulties in ensuring ample social distance in MRTs & buses once crowds return, as shared by Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on Monday (1 Jun).

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Keep safe distance in queues & public seating areas

As for the second part of Section 7 in the Covid-19 Regulations, the same rules regarding queuing & sitting in blocked off public areas apply.

The advisory advises individuals as follows:

  • No sitting on seats less than 1m apart
  • No sitting on cordoned off fixed seats
  • No queuing without observing 1m distance


Those who don’t adhere to the rules will be liable to a $300 fine for a first offence. Repeat offenders could face higher fines, or prosecution in court.

No fines, but do social distance where possible

Citizens should take note that although keeping a 1-metre distance from fellow passengers isn’t enforced by law, we’re still encouraged to check-in with our QR codes via SafeEntry to facilitate contact tracing.


Also, we can still maintain our distance while masking up to minimise the chances of spreading or catching any infections.

Stay vigilant & alert on public transport

These amended Covid-19 Regulations have been in place since 15 Apr 2020, and will continue to be applicable to all citizens in Phase 1.

We’ll have to stay tuned for updates on further amendments as lifting of the regulations occur in a slow & measured way after the situation abates.

Do stay safe, vigilant & alert when you embark on your journeys to work daily.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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