S’porean Mum Shares Childcare Tips That Don’t Involve Scolding, Hopes Others Will Benefit

Mum’s Childcare Tips Help Discipline Children Without Having To Scold Or Hit Them

Some of us may recall a time where our parents would raise their voices and immediately strike fear in our younger selves.

While caning and shouting at a child used to be commonplace, parents these days are turning away from such forms of discipline.

But how do you keep boisterous children in check while sparing the rod, yet not spoiling the child?

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Well, this mother seems to have it figured out. On Friday (9 Oct), she shared her methods of disciplining her children in a Facebook post.

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Allowing her to keep her children in line without inciting any negative feelings between them, she hopes the list will be helpful for other parents too.

Jar of pain for minor offences

The mother of 3 shares that she uses the same discipline methods for her 9-year-old, tween, and teenager at home.

For “small offences”, a notice on the fridge shows just how much the kids have to pay up for their actions.

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While the price of playfulness like being noisy before 9am is $1, sloppy behaviour such as not cleaning up after yourself will cost the kids $0.10 for each item.

Such an extensive list leaves little room for compromise. The children know how much they have to pay for their blunders.

All the ‘fines’ paid by the kids will go to the “jar of pain”. At the end of the month, the family would use the money for an outing, either at an arcade or at a nice restaurant.

Definitely a fun and innovative way of discipling children!

Childcare tips include allowing kids to play when needed

The mum shares that for other behavioural issues like the kids arguing or jumping around too much, she simply sends them to play outside for an hour or two.

With such problems, it simply means they have too much energy, she added, and the best solution is to let them play.

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However, for more serious “offences” like not doing their homework, she will simply confiscate their devices.

The mother explains that these practices work because the pain of losing money and their devices will force the kids to automatically learn.

While she acknowledges that the method may seem harsh to some, she points out that she and her husband don’t scold or hit their children, as they fear it may breed resentment between parent and child.

Netizens praise mother’s discipline methods

Appreciating the mother’s innovative tips, many netizens express praise for her, with some raring to implement the methods.

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This netizen saw her discipline structure as a very good one that teaches children important virtues in life.

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Others even joked that their husbands should also be made to pay for failing to comply with these rules.


Jokes aside, the mother swears by this method of discipline but warns parents not to have too long a list of punishments and risk children feeling like they are always walking on thin ice.

After all, children should be allowed to be children — mischievous and playful at times.

Childcare tips allow parents to instil discipline in kids

Disciplining rebellious and energetic kids can be extremely frustrating.

But at the end of the day, parents always want the best for their children.

If you’re struggling to get your kids to listen to you, why not give this discipline method a try?

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