Nasty Cookie Brownies Resemble Cat Poop In Litter, Will Confuse Your Feline Friends

Nasty Cookie Has Realistic Cat Poop Brownies From 16-31 Oct

Cat owners would be familiar with the sian feeling of stumbling upon a dark pile of dung in their felines’ litterboxes.

But not everything brown and squishy is equally terrifying, and Nasty Cookie, a homegrown cookie shop, is here to show us why.

With Halloween around the corner, Nasty Cookie decided to launch brownies that are uniquely shaped like our feline friends’ excretions.

Image courtesy of Nasty Cookie

Aptly named Cat Poop Brownies, these will be available from 16-31 Oct, in time for our Halloween pranks.

Nasty Cookie has Cat Poop Brownies from $5 per box

As Halloween approaches, Nasty Cookie recently decided to launch a fun and innovative creation that resemble our furkids’ ‘surprise gifts’.

Image courtesy of Nasty Cookie

As the name suggests, these are deliberately shaped to resemble our cats’ droppings.

In order to make the brownies more realistic, Nasty Cookie placed them on a bed of edible crumbly toppings that resemble cat litter.

Image courtesy of Nasty Cookie

But unlike those ‘treasures’ that we find in our cats’ litterboxes, these brownies don’t stink — we promise.

Available online and at all physical outlets, each box of cookies is priced at $5. They will, however, be sold for a limited time only, from 16-31 Oct.

Do note that they are sold on a while stocks last basis.

Trick your friends with Cat Poop Brownies

Nasty Cookie is a local gourmet cookie shop known for their bold creations.

Earlier this year, the cookie shop launched Cookie nuggets in time for April Fools’ and was met with an “insane response”.

Nasty Cookie Has Cookie “Nuggets” With Speculoos Dip, Available From 27 March

Determined to bring “fun and excitement” this Halloween, they decided to create something extra stinky special for the scariest festival of the year.

Trick or treat with Nasty Cookie’s brownies

It’s always nice to see businesses coming up with innovative products in time for festive periods of the year.

Clearing up after our felines is never fun, but with Nasty Cookie’s Cat Poop Brownies, we are almost guaranteed to return for more.

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Featured image courtesy of Nasty Cookie. 

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