Consultant at National Skin Centre is case 666

Amid another large spike of 52 Covid-19 cases on Thursday (26 Mar) are 24 new local cases.

While 10 of them have been traced to existing clusters, including the one at Fengshan PCF Sparkletots, 14 of them are still unlinked.

Among the unlinked cases, one of them stands out: A 32-year-old associate consultant at the National Skin Centre.


Case 666 has no travel history to affected areas

The female Singapore citizen, who is case 666, has no travel history to affected countries or regions, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (26 Mar).

She showed symptoms on 24 Mar, and tested positive for Covid-19 on 26 March morning.

She is now in an isolation room at the Singapore General Hospital.


She went to work before being warded

What was particular about the MOH statement was that it mentioned her specifically, while the rest of the new cases were logged in a table.

It also added something of interest:

Prior to hospital admission, she had gone to work.

We hope she recovers soon, and we pray for the health of the people she came into contact with before being admitted to hospital.

Featured image from Facebook.