Class 3C will apply for normal Toyota Corollas in Singapore

Ask anyone with a driving license and they’ll tell you it’s not easy to drive in Singapore. Here’s 3 (non-exhaustive) reasons why:

1) Prospective drivers have to undergo at least 20 lessons and 3 tests before receiving that A8-sized card.

2) There are no less than 9 different vehicle license classifications.


3) The various fees and taxes and other ways you have to pay for driving a car in Singapore.

  • Registration fee
  • Additional registration fee
  • COE
  • Excise duty
  • Road tax
  • ERP
  • etc…

4) Road signs in Singapore are ridiculously difficult to decipher.

And the Singapore Police Force (SPF) decided to confuse everyone further today (29 May) by introducing a 2 new license classes.

All about 3C


The new Class 3C license will allow holders to drive all Class 3 vehicles, except pick-up trucks, small vans, and minivans. This effectively means that the people who hold on to the 3C license will only be able to drive typical 4-wheeled cars that 80% of the population currently possess.

This class 3C license will also be applied to the current class 3A license. A 3A license currently allows holders to drive vehicles with automatic transmission. The amalgamation will therefore be creatively known as… Class 3CA.


Revision of test fees

Further, the SPF has also announced that test fees will be revised (i.e. raised).


All changes will take effect from 1 June 2015.

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Featured Image via Jeremy Foo
With reference from Land Transport AuthoritySingapore Safety Driving Centre, Singapore Police Force