Nicole Seah Gets “Cranky” If She Doesn’t Drink Teh C Kosong In The Morning

Workers’ Party (WP) candidate Nicole Seah has been a familiar face among Singaporeans since her political debut back in 2011.

Despite being a public figure, Singaporeans might not be too familiar with the 33-year-old and how she lives her everyday life.

On Saturday (4 Jul) night, Ms Seah posted a video on Facebook titled “Nicole at Home”, giving Singaporeans and voters a glimpse at her life away from the spotlight.

You can watch the video in full here.

Nicole Seah starts day off with a cup of teh c kosong 

In the candid video, Ms Seah showed us what her daily routine is like.


Unlike many of us who start the day off with a cup of aromatic coffee, Ms Seah’s beverage of choice is teh c kosong, and not from the nearby kopitiam, but freshly brewed from her own kitchen.

She’s uses the tea dust from Train Brand, in case you are wondering.


According to Ms Seah’s family, she would get “cranky” if she doesn’t get her cup of teh c kosong.


She even tariks the cup like a seasoned pro.


The interviewer was hesitant on trying it, but it looks pretty good to us!


Ms Seah also gave a short tour of her house, including her incredibly short study table.


The interviewer was understandably shook by the height of the table, but Ms Seah later revealed she was just pulling his leg.


Also spoke about common concerns among Singaporeans

In the same video, Ms Seah recounted the car journey from her house to the party headquarters, and how she repeatedly sang the Hokkien song 爱拼才会赢 (you have to fight to win) — an apt representation of the attitude which she approaches politics with.


She even sang the iconic chorus in front of the camera, and was pretty in tune too.

Ms Seah also spoke about concerns that she has heard from Singaporeans throughout her house visits, one of which was how they felt like they were “second-class citizens”.


Ending the video, Ms Seah spoke about how youths today are more woke about political issues and would voice out should they sense something amiss.

Takes subtle dig at PAP

On the same evening, the Workers’ Party East Coast GRC team conducted their Constituency Political Broadcast (CPB), which starred Ms Seah.


The broadcast is almost 15 minutes long, but the most highlight-worthy moment came just 3-minutes into the video when Ms Seah took a subtle dig at her PAP opponents.

Urging voters to cast their votes for the WP, Ms Seah said doing so would give them the best of both worlds,

With both a WP MP and a PA grassroots advisor.

By the way, she dropped the comment, all while maintaining a wide smile. #boss


Ms Seah was likely referencing the fact that all People’s Association grassroots advisers are from the PAP — an ‘issue’ raised by the WP back in 2018. So even if PAP candidates were not voted into Parliament, they would apparently still serve as grassroots advisors.

You can watch the broadcast in full here.

Which politician would you like to see featured in such videos next?

It’s always nice to see what politicians are like when they’re away from the public spotlight and learning that they are very much humans, and at times sharing the same habits as many of us.

We certainly hope to see more of such videos in the future that would allow Singaporeans to know their politicians better.

Which politician would you like to see featured on such videos next?

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Featured image adapted from Facebook