Ask Your GoJek Driver To Take These Routes To Avoid ERP During Morning Peak Hours

Remember how anxious the lady was over Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges in the viral GoJek video?

Well the Land Transport Authority (LTA) must have noticed too, because they’re planning some changes soon.

From 18 Feb, LTA will be removing ERP charges along Upper Bukit Timah Road and the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE).

No more ERP during peak hours

The reduction of ERP charges from S$1 down to S$0, or basically nothing will occur in separate time periods.


2 gantries along the westbound side of MCE will cease charges between 7.30 to 8am.

There will be no charges before the MCE exit to Maxwell Road.


And likewise on the slip road to Marina Coastal Drive.


Residents living in Bukit Timah would also be happy to know that there’ll be no ERP charges along Upper Bukit Timah Road between 8 to 8.30am daily.


That means you won’t have to wake up unnecessarily early to avoid the ERP on your way to work anymore.

Quarterly review of traffic conditions

The revised ERP rates are part of LTA’s quarterly review of traffic conditions.

Since the review is done every three months, LTA is constantly changing ERP rates at different gantries, depending on traffic conditions.

So don’t be surprised if ERP charges rise or fall in certain areas after LTA conducts the next review.

For now, enjoy the toll-free roads and that little bit of extra sleep you can catch.

Oh and remember these routes so you’ll know what to tell your Grab or GoJek driver when they ask.

Featured image from Google Maps.