3 Northpoint City Cleaners Test Positive For Covid-19, All Worked At South Wing

Northpoint City Hires New Team Of Cleaners At South Wing

Community spread numbers are dwindling, but it looks like some unfortunate essential workers have already fallen victim to Covid-19.

3 Northpoint City Cleaners tested positive for Covid-19 on 14 & 15 Apr, they have been hospitalised.


The mall located in Yishun has since stepped up measures to ensure that their staff remain safe. Here’s more info from the circular that was released on Friday (17 Apr).

3 cleaners worked at Northpoint City South Wing

A circular from Northpoint City mentioned that they all worked at the South Wing of Northpoint City, which houses Nee Soon Community Centre and NTUC Fairprice.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

The circular – dated 17 Apr –  did not state whether cleaners testing positive would affect the operating hours of Yishun mall shops that remain open, like NTUC Fairprice.

Colleagues of the cleaners who shared shifts while they were working have been placed on Leave of Absence (LOA). Another group of cleaners will take over their duties in the meantime.

Northpoint City disinfected, precautionary measures heightened

In the circular, Northpoint City’s general manager assured readers that the mall had been “thoroughly disinfected” 14 Apr, when the first cleaners tested positive.

More precautionary measures are in store to protect the well-being of patrons and staff alike. There will be twice-daily temperature checks for staff, as well as more regular disinfection of common areas.


Areas like the toilets and the customer service centre will offer hand sanitisers to patrons. Common areas for both patrons and staff will be cleaned more often as well.

These are in addition to the current safe-distancing rules, such as wearing a mask when going out.

Stay safe & practice good hygiene

In this case, all staff involved were reminded to visit a doctor if they weren’t feeling well. Likewise, we should avoid going out to run errands if we suspect we may be coming down with something.

This is because wearing a mask & observing good personal hygiene can only protect us so much. Staying home as much as possible and observing safe distancing are far more effective ways at alleviating this situation.

MS News wishes the cleaners and all those affected a speedy recovery. Take care and stay safe.

Featured image adapted from Archibazaar.

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