Construction Worker Pushes Wheelchair-Bound Elderly Near Novena Church

On Tuesday (5 Nov) morning, a netizen named Nicola Peck shared a touching moment she encountered while walking in Novena on Facebook.

In the picture shared by her, a man in a white shirt with a bright yellow bib can be seen pushing an elderly man on a wheelchair.


Construction worker pushes man in wheelchair to shopping mall

Ms Peck says she witnessed the touching moment along a pathway near Novena Church


The elderly man appears to be wheelchair-bound, and according to Ms Peck, “regularly begs” at Velocity or Square 2.

The alleged beggar had bags of miscellaneous item on the back of his wheelchair.

According to Ms Peck, the construction worker wheeled the elderly man all the way to the neighbouring Velocity shopping centre.

His white helmet suggests he might be in a managerial role commonly assigned to Malaysians or Singaporeans.

Construction workers deserve our respect too

Coincidentally, the touching scene took place just a stone’s throw away from Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where a fatal crane accident happened on Monday (4 Nov), killing 1 and injuring another.

Ms Peck wrote in her post that construction workers deserve a better salary, working, and living conditions. Some of them even possess hearts of gold and are willing to go the extra mile to assist those in need. Above all, they deserve our respect.

As unspoken heroes of our society, they often take up the jobs many Singaporeans refuse to do, and we sometimes forget they are human like all of us.

Kudos to the construction worker for his kind deeds

Like many of you, we are extremely touched by the construction worker’s actions.

Props to him for going out of his way to help the wheelchair-bound elderly man. We hope he gets rewarded for his kind actions.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps